Monday, December 10, 2007


The names of the victims were released this morning. We didn't know the two teenage girls who died, or their Dad who is still in the hospital. We did know, (or at least know OF) the two who were injured. They're okay, it appears. It's tough, because our church is right off the interstate, and so high profile. It is going to take some time to feel safe again...anywhere. I'm so thankful that our church had a plan in place for something like this. I am also thankful for what seems like thousands of people who stayed home for no particular reason. The services were very empty, in spite of the fact that we had a famous guest speaker this week. I think God directed people to stay home. One family of my piano students is very close to Judy Purcell, who was shot in the shoulder. I talked to them this morning, and they had been at the hospital all night, praying for the girl who died there late last night.

Nick sent me this:
"Pastor Brady said the church is closed today for repairs. It sounds like there will be an extra service later this week. He is calling the security guard a hero. He said hundreds would have likely been killed if she hadn't acted as quickly as she did. He said she immediately ran towards the scene and confronted the gunman right after he entered the building. He said she attended the first service and then was stationed in the foyer for the second service. Pastor Brady said she normally is assigned to protect him. He said she has a law enforcement background. "

Sad days, as you can tell. I know God will work through this, especially after what we've been through, but it's still awfully hard to suffer for the sin of a man we don't even know - who had no connection whatsoever to our church.

A couple of personal prayer requests:
-Pray against the fear. Think of how we would feel leaving our kids in the ever again.
-Pray for me as I lead my small group for young moms on Thursday. What do you say?
-Pray for protection and healing for the church as a whole.

Thanks, guys.

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