Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monday Highlights

1. We had a very Merry Christmas. I think the highlights were watching the living nativity with Hannah at the Christmas Eve service, (Never mind the wax dripped on Audrey's head and Hannah's finger at the candle-lighting) and seeing the girls' eyes on Christmas morning when they saw the tree with presents.

2. I hate the "now what do we do?" feeling after Christmas. After the frenzy of activity, quiet feels weird.

3. I stayed up late last night working on the computer, and it still isn't working. Very frustrating.

4. I did, however, get a new brilliant idea of how to make millions of dollars. Ha. At least it wasn't wholly unproductive.

5. Waaaay too much junk food and candy the past few days. SO not worth it. Yuck.

6. Among the present highlights: Hannah got a tricycle, Audrey got a vacuum cleaner (she's absolutely fascinated), I got a stock pot big enough to make soup in (yay!), Nick got a Risk game (who's going to play with him, I wonder?), and Moses the cat got a ball-in-track cat toy with catnip that is making him go nuts.

7. Is it really Wednesday? Three day weeks are nice.

8. We are due for at least 5 inches of snow tonight, in addition to the 5-ish we got yesterday. We had a white Christmas. It sure is pretty, and it sure is cold. Nick said it was one degree outside on his way to work this morning. The Jetta wouldn't start. Hopefully that is only due to the cold.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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