Monday, March 30, 2009

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Weekly Update

1. So, so glad to be home. It's funny how even my parents' home doesn't feel like home anymore. I lived there only 5 years ago! I don't think of myself as all that particular. My house gets messy like anyone's. But I guess I do have it very organized and efficient. And I like it that way. If something doesn't work where it is, I move it. If something in a closet hasn't been used in a long time, it gets sold or put in the garage. Everything has a specific place where it belongs, even though it may not be there all the time. :) Interesting things to learn about myself.

2. Had a final fitting Saturday and it went great! I put soooo much time and energy into that one, to get it just perfect for her, and it paid off. Felt really good. And we were able to talk through some of the business issues and figure out answers that I think will work. The discouragement was just temporary. :) One more final tonight, and then we're on to dresses for June weddings!

3. Over the weekend I bought a gluten free sugar cookie mix, with vanilla icing and chocolate sprinkles. Oh, they were so good! We never eat anything like that anymore, and Hannah's nose is running today, but yum...

4. It's snowing. Again. I am soooo ready for warm weather. Please?

5. There's a Just Between Friends sale on Friday and I have coupons for free admission. Anyone want to go?

6. There's also an open house thingy this weekend in a Victorian house downtown where this woman sells her calligraphy. It's pretty and girly and fancy. Anyone want to go? You get a calligraphy piece - a poem or quote - for free when you go.

Better go put my house back together. We're running on a late schedule today - Hannah was up part of the night and didn't wake up till 10! Have a great week...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Your input wanted!

Hey friends! As I've mentioned, I've been working for the site I know I have been talking about business stuff a lot lately, but I wondered if you'd be willing to help us out a little? One of the most popular products on the site is the School Days Picture Frame. We'd like to give a school days mat away - you can use your own frame with it - to one of you in return for your opinion. We'll choose a random commenter to win a free school days mat. You will have your choice between 3 mat colors - please see the product listing for details and more pictures.

To enter, just leave a comment with the answer to this question: In your opinion, is it better to charge $9 for shipping for this frame, or to raise the price a few dollars and offer free shipping? Please keep in mind that the $9 is for the school days frame (not the mat by itself).

I'll choose a winner Tuesday night at 10pm, so leave your comment before then!

While I'm at it - if you'd like to do a giveaway for All Things For Mom on your blog, please let me know!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I just have to say...

If you're not reading Sara's blog, you should. It just makes me smile. That's all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thoughts thus far

...on housesitting:

1. LOVE the huge, soft king-sized bed with 500 thread count sheets. Man, how do they get up in the morning?

2. Trying to get used to having a pack of dogs interested in my every move. I could easily go the route of finding it extremely annoying, but then I'd just be mad all week. It's cool...I'm a pack leader...really...

3. HATE the stairs. I am more convinced than ever that I want a ranch-style house when we move.

4. I think we could actually get away with putting Audrey in a big-girl bed now. I was putting it off, but she's doing fine!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Update

1. We are housesitting for my parents this week. They have two dogs, a wild-animal cat and a parakeet. Add my dog and cat and that makes for...a zoo. However, it is almost 3000 sq ft, as opposed to our 800, and they have the biggest flat screen tv you've ever seen, 5 acres, and lots of other fun stuff. Even with the zoo, I'm hoping it'll be relaxing. :)

2. The neighbor's pit bull was loose yesterday, so we called the sheriff. Come to find out, leash laws don't apply out here, so we can do whatever we need to, to any animal who threatens us with no fear of recourse, but they can't even make animal owners keep dogs fenced. He actually told us we could shoot the dog if needed (not that we own or have even ever USED a gun...). If the dog hurts somebody, the owners will have a felony charge...great. Helpful. Then we called our landlord to talk to her about it (she always wants to know what's going on) and she has decided to try to sell our house (she can't get enough in rent to cover her mortgage, don't know how she would sell it for enough). So, we almost definitely won't be moving until our lease is up May 31st. With a dog that gets loose. And we have to keep showing the house. I am DETERMINED to focus on God as our protector and provider through all of this. None of this is too big for Him...

3. We have hopefully two final fittings this week. I'm feeling a little discouraged about our business, honestly. Neither of us is good at managing the production aspect - it's super stressful to both of us, but it's gotta be done. We really need a seamstress with Holly's impeccable taste and attention to detail, who doesn't mind a little stress, to manage this part for us. I don't know anybody like that, nor can I pay them what they'd be worth. I'm contemplating not taking any more dresses at this point, just finishing the ones we've got. Seems like a shame. I hope we'll figure out something.

4. Starting a new piano student today. Pretty cool...she's about my mom's age, impeccably dressed and have a thick southern drawl. She wants to learn to play so she can perform "inspirational" songs. She probably either won't stick around long, or we'll end up really good friends...I hope it's the latter. :)

5. My kids are currently pushing Little People cars back and forth through the house, saying, "We have to wait until the light turns green again. Now, go!" I love them!

Alright...better go get ready, take care of kiddos, pack, clean house, work, and teach. Gotta get started!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cute Shirts

If I had some extra money laying around...

Traditional Food Processing

Found this article on corn fascinating... Maybe if we actually used foods well, they wouldn't cause soooo many food sensitivities. Who's willing to bet people wouldn't be allergic to corn processed like this? My money's in...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly Update

1. How do I put this well? New lessons learned on our latest Maeve gown this weekend... After paying for the hand embroidery the THIRD time, we might actually get it attached correctly. Next time, the gown gets totally finished and shipped off for embroidery ON the dress waaaaaay in advance. At least we have until the 1st. Whew.

2. In spite of that, we had a good weekend. Date night Saturday and a lazy Sunday afternoon. Love those.

3. We went to Jared Anderson's new cd recording last night. Always fun to see him play. He was playing an upright piano with the front of it removed, and they projected him playing in black and white on a white cloth behind him. Pretty cool looking... Gotta tell this story: on the fourth row from the back, there was a whole row of seats saved. We, with our kids, along with probably 100 other people were standing in the back because every seat was either saved or full. After 45 minutes, one of the women on children's staff came up to me and said we should just go move these people's stuff to the side and sit down in that row. I wasn't brave enough, so she did it and sat with us for a couple of minutes. We sat there the rest of the concert. On seriously the LAST song, a woman came up in a huff, and said to Nick, "Excuse me, these were the seats we had saved. Don't you know some people worship up front? We're missing stuff!" (Really? I mean, really? You're kidding me right now, right?) If they were missing stuff, it had happened long before we sat down. She gathered up her stuff and stalked off without waiting for a response. Moral of the story? Please don't ever act like that. :) I'm just glad it happened to us and not to a non-Christian, or someone from another church. Can you imagine?

4. you have any brilliant advice on keeping up with them? I seriously have a one foot tall pile of them sitting in my closet to be filed. Bills, bank statements, receipts, manuals for things...somebody help! :)

5. The neighbors walked their pit bulls down the street again the other day. They are definitely back. Hmmm...wish life was simpler sometimes...

6. We found a house we're interested in. We told the owner our situation, and he said if he doesn't find someone before April 1st, he might consider holding it for us until we can move. Our lease is up the end of May, so even if someone doesn't come rent ours early, we'd still get that house. Pretty's a log house on lots of at our house. ;) We'll see...God's got it all under control.

Teaching and other work today... Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flash Mobs

Have you seen this?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love and Respect

I know I always link to this guy's blog, but it's just because every entry is so well thought out and insightful! Most of us have probably heard of the Love and Respect book for marriage. Great advice there. It always fascinates me when non-Christians (making an assumption about this guy) come to the same conclusions as what the Bible says people need. If we can establish respect from people and yet show love TO people, that is the combination that seems to be magic. It inspires people to work harder, to treat themselves and you better, to believe in the vision...

I think this can be applied in so many areas. Our families - marriages AND children, businesses, friendships, anywhere we lead or influence people.

I'd love to hear thoughts on this if you take a few minutes to process it - please share!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Update: Turbo Edition

The amount of things I must accomplish this week is insane. Therefore, this will be quick! :)

1. So that we can move early if they find a new renter, our landlord is advertising our house for rent now. I'm excited about the potential to move, and my house has to be ready to show at a moment's notice. Flylady, you are my hero.

2. Maeve has another fitting Wednesday night. This one is an empire waist wedding gown, all in silk. I think it will be spectacular!

3. Looking at a house to rent tonight. If our landlord finds a renter we have to be ready to move April1st! There's one we found that we really like, but we need to have lots of options.

That's about all I got time for. Gotta get to it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Microsoft 2019

Have you seen this? It's insane!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm feeling thankful tonight. I must list...

1. My check from the school of worship came two weeks earlier than I expected.

2. I was able to work 18 hours on my new job this week, which will considerably help the financial situation in the next week or so.

3. We each got a new article of clothing last night, of course I decided I don't like mine, so they get returned (a pair of shoes and shirt), but that just means I get to go shop again and find something I do like. This makes me excited. Anyone up for a shopping trip? :)

4. My kids are in bed and it's quiet, I no longer have to listen to the whining that has been almost constant from my youngest...but this is a blog about being thankful, so you didn't hear that part. ;)

5. My husband is so nice to me, and he takes my advice about music stuff, and then sounds even better, and it's, well...very attractive.

6. I have been disciplining myself to at least pick up the living room and girls' room every night before bedtime, so I wake up to a semi-clean house that I can, for example, vacuum. Or dust. Or some other such productive thing. This makes me feel much better about my house and really, life overall.

7. My church is an incredible place to be involved. I'm so honored to serve and give there.

8. Nick and I decided I need to plan to have coffee with girl friends regularly so we can actually talk without chasing children. This sounds pretty much heavenly.

9. I feel good tonight.

10. God has been teaching Nick and I SO much lately. We're always excited to share with each other what we're learning and talk about it. It's like what Pastor Brady was talking about today - seek first the Kingdom, and all these things will be added. When I focus on God, other things seem to fall into place with much less effort. "The place to start, is to believe God is good, and that you are His child..."

11. I am postponing my trip to the dentist, scheduled for Wednesday, just because I don't wanna go this week. So there. Take that!

12. Nick's going to come play with me for worship on Thursdays. Believe it or not, we actually have played together very little. God is reawakening that in both of us. Yay for the journey...

And that's about it. That's a lot... I should sleep now. Goodnight!