Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I know I'm not alone in this: you know those days when you feel like if your children SURVIVE into adulthood, it'll be a miracle? I do so much to try to help them thrive, but sometimes just getting through the day with everyone's bodies intact is a feat. Tonight we went out to the car to run errands, and the neighbors' huge dogs went running out of the darkness, right at Hannah. I panicked, yelled, and picked Hannah up, which caused her for the next two hours to ask about the dogs and why mommy was scared and if they would bite her. Nice move, Sara.

Then, we got home and Hannah managed to pull the ENTIRE CHRISTMAS TREE on top of herself. She wasn't even phased. We've been after her all week about taking the ornaments off. She couldn't get one off, so she pulled harder. Really hard.

My goodness...


  1. oh yeah...I have had those days before also. Cole still likes to talk about the time I got a speeding ticket. While I was getting the ticket, Cole yelled out WHY ARE YOU CRYING MOMMY?

  2. Sounds like my life, Sara!
    Dawson is always doing stuff like that, and I drive myself crazy with the ways I react sometimes. I know I just make it worse.

  3. Oh well. All part of growing up, I suppose. Right? Right? :)

  4. I certainly hope you are right! :) No, seriously, I have gotten better I've noticed over the last 2.5 yrs. God definately has used having children, to create lots of character and perserverance. :)