Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Time

So here's the thing...

I really want to write a very profound blog about Christmas, full of encouragement and meaning, but I can't come up with anything.

The amazing thing about Christmas and all that it means, is that it is very simple - simple enough to explain to my 2 year old.

"God loves us so much that he sent baby Jesus to save us. Baby Jesus had a mommy and daddy, and there were animals and angels and kings, and that's why we have Christmas."

So simple, and yet so profound...

I've heard a few different Christmas messages this year. One of them camped out on the fact that God Came Down. That is indeed profound. However, I want to move beyond the facts of what happened, and find out what that means in my life. If it doesn't change something about my life, the fact that God did indeed come down seems somewhat empty.

I want God's obvious care for me to be evident to me and through me. To the point that I'm not fearful. To the point that I remember, and act like I'm a princess at all times, regardless of the situation. With all the authority and power that are mine as a child of God. With confidence, not in myself, but in Whose I am. With a willing heart to readily accept what God has asked of me.

This is Christmas to me, this year. To be able to look at the Christmas tree like I do every year, and wonder what the year will bring, and not be fearful but full of faith that God will provide everything we need. To enjoy the amazing family God has blessed me with, including the 1am nursings I still end up doing and probably will do with one kid or another for many years. To be maybe a little thicker-skinned this year and not worry quite so much what people think of me - to just seek God and do what I know is right (coming from that confidence in Whose I am). To pursue with everything I have, the things God has put in my heart, while not neglecting my first responsibility to my family.

So, that's what I've got. There's the joy, peace and love that I desire.

I gotta go hold my Hannah for a little while now.

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