Thursday, December 6, 2007

God's Purpose for Women

This post is concise, yet hard for me to read. I do think she left out a few things that are set up in Proverbs 31 - things like good business dealings, caring for the poor, being creative and industrious at home, etc.

But, she's right. Women were Not created with the purpose of outdoing men. I think sometimes what we are taught by our culture and society makes us angry when we read things like that. Somehow it doesn't seem fair. But, God created us, and He knows how we are designed to work. As we seek out His purpose and plan for our lives, I believe we will find contentedness and peace, even if we don't find food for our egos.


  1. You might enjoy reading the following article on the miracle of sophrosune (submission):

  2. Wow, that is heavy reading. I skimmed the first part of it. Fascinating. I will have to return when I can concentrate. ;)