Friday, December 28, 2007

One of those days...

I woke up this morning to the sound of Hannah throwing up. No idea why she did that, and she hasn't done it again.

Yesterday was a crisis day. One of my brothers is going through some tough stuff and it's pretty hard on my family.

The Jetta won't start. It was -5 degrees this morning, so it might just be because of the cold...or maybe the battery is dead...or maybe something else. I could go out and try again since it is somewhat warmer now than it was a 6 this morning when Nick tried it, but I don't wanna. It's cold.

The cat is going nuts. He keeps attacking the girls all of a sudden. At this very moment, he is leaping three or four feet off the ground to get at the tree ornaments he "can't reach."

The house is a wreck - clean clothes, toys I have to clear out spaces for, and the cat threw litter all over the bathroom floor.

The girls cried until after 11pm last night. No idea why. Nick's theory was they could sense we were sad about my brother. But then they were up at 7:30. I'm tired.

The Christmas stuff we got, while very nice, has no place in our tiny house. I'm going to have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. This project feels daunting today, and there are piles everywhere that are driving me nuts.

On the other hand...

The girls are happily going down for naps right now, early, together.

I think I'll go take a shower and a nap!


  1. i'll be praying for your fam and your brother. i'm assuming it's the one i'm thinking of. maybe i just think that because he's been on my mind lately for no good reason.

  2. I can't stand days like that. They make me want to crawl back into bed. I'm sorry your family is going through a rough time.