Thursday, December 20, 2007

More proof

Nick and I really are geeks. We've been watching The Next Great American Band religiously. Actually, we record it with the DVR, and therefore don't actually have to stay home on Friday night to catch it. Does this make us less geeky?

Anyway, the finale is tomorrow night, and our favorite guys are going to win...we hope. The Clark Brothers have blown us away. They were raised touring around with their evangelist father, playing gospel music. However, they really haven't said all that much about their faith - they've allowed the excellence of their music, and the Spirit that is there when they play to do the talking for them. They've reduced the music industry hardened judges to tears multiple times. Even the cynical one (why is there always a cynical judge?) told them, "When you guys play...I'm a believer."

I think what we've been so excited about is seeing a real, true portrayal of faith in Christ that we can be proud of. Not to mention they play incredible music. You should go watch their videos.

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  1. Not a geek at all. If I would have known about that one, I'd for sure be watching it. I'm kinda watching Clash of the Choirs, which I'm sure isn't nearly as good. did Thursday go?