Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Restless today

Somebody give me something fun to do.

My house is relatively clean. It needs to be vacuumed and as always I have laundry to put away. Oh, and I need to sweep up the cat litter that the cat threw all over the floor for the 50th time. I don't feel like doing any of this.

My kids are taking turns napping (they each slept 3 hours yesterday. Audrey was 11-2 and Hannah was 2-5), so I can't go anywhere unless I want cranky kids all night. I can make them nap at the same time if I work hard enough, but they inevitably wake each other up, and then I have cranky kids anyway.

I could have taken the girls to church for childcare and done something on my own, except Audrey's cough probably would have made somebody mad at me, even though there's no way she's contagious.

I have boxes of Christmas lights stacked in my kitchen. They're driving me nuts.

This is one of those lack of motivation days...


  1. Have you tried the elfmorphosis yet? That mindlessly entertained us for a good 30 minutes yesterday. elfyourself.com

    I can totally relate to the lack motivation days. It's like my mind goes blank on all the things I imagine I could do if I had the time, and I just don't want to move. I think naps are the best cure for that.

  2. I've seen that elf thing! :) Wow. My computer is so old though, that it locks up after about a minute of that. Maybe I'll make Hannah lay down and take a nap with me.