Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, I Tried

Conversation at breakfast this morning:

Me: (Reading the handout they gave us at church last night) Did you guys learn about the Good Samaritan in your class last night?

Hannah: No!
Audrey: No!

Me: Oh. Did you learn about a guy that was hurt, and some people didn't help him, and then one guy did?

Hannah: No.
Audrey: No.

Me: Oh. Well, did you learn about how you should love your neighbor as yourself?

Hannah: no.
Audrey: no.

Me: Oh.

Is it just me, or does it already seem like I have teenagers?


  1. Ha! sounds exactly like my conversations with the girls--or at least with Sera.

    I usually ask her what she learned or what they talked about in church/school/etc. and she just says:

    "I don't know."


  2. Hey there! I just had to comment.. My name is Amy, and I don't remember if I introduced myself.. so I hope I am not intruding at all... but I am from Arizona :) We are hoping to move to Colorado Springs in the very near future.. just waiting on the Lord and His timing :) Both my honey and I are worship leaders and have really been feeling a pull in our hearts to Colorado! So we shall see what the Lord has in store!!

    Ok, sorry about the long introduction! I did want to comment on your every so cute blog!! I was having a conversation about this very topic with a dear friend and she began to tell me about a communication seminar she was a part of. And they were talking about questions and kids... And there is a little phrase, when talking to kids or anyone for that matter, that will help your answer turn out... the phrase is, "Tell me about....."

    What!! I said!! That's it?? "Yep, that's the most powerful way to ask a question... Tell me what you learned about in Kids Church today. Or tell me about the story of the Samaritan."

    Anywho, I just thought this was really neat! So I thought I would share it with you :) If you think about it even as an adult if someone asked you..."Tell me about what going on with you.." VERSUS "How are you?" The first question has a lot more pull and is asking for more detail from ya :)

    Bless you! I love your blog and your insights on food and diet... you inspire me!


  3. That's hilarious and one riveting conversation! Well, at least you tried! :)

  4. Flo - Funny how they already act like we're getting on their nerves with our questions. Sigh!

    Amy - Hi! Nice to "meet" you! Yeah, that's a great idea...I'll have to try that one. :)

    Danielle - Riveting...that's what we do around here. ;)

  5. Sounds like me trying to see how Alec's day was at school!

    I use Amy's strategy when I remember to and it really does work!

    Also, not that this is a priority for you, but I noticed that your link to my blog in your blog reader in the sidebar hasn't been changed and is still linking to that weird insurance website! In case you need it or want to change it, the new one is

    Thanks! Enjoy the new conversations with the kids! *wink*

  6. Amazingly, after I got back from my Maeve meeting with Holly last night, I went in the girls' room and had a great talk with Hannah! We talked about everything from getting along with Audrey to her stuffed animals. :) It was great.

    Shelly - I got that link fixed. Thanks for reminding me!

  7. Lol! certainly sounds like the typical, "How was (Sunday) school...did you learn anything new?"


    What's with kids these days?!