Saturday, October 18, 2008

ADHD Treatment

This is an article I found today, talking about alternative treatment of ADHD. I have no personal experience with ADHD, so I'm putting this out for discussion purposes only. What do you think?


  1. I really appreciated this article. My brother struggled with ADHD all the time he was growing up. He was on Ritalin for a short time along with every other treatment imaginable. Nothing really seemed to work. As he has become an adult, some of the very things Dr. Mercola talks about are the things he has found (through trial and error), to be helpful.

  2. I think that Dr. Mercola is a bit extreme and unrealistic. Clearly he does not live with a child that has ADHD. It takes a whole lot more than positive behavioral methods to help a child with ADHD. Believe me I tried it for the 1st 4 1/2yrs of Cole's life. I still do it today with the help of medication.

    I avoid dye and processed foods. I could make him drink only water, which Cole would be fine with. I've tried it all--eliminating gluten, organic only, no dye or artificial/processed foods, behavioral therapy.

    There is no cure, no easy fix.