Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Critical Thinking

Staci wrote an awesome post today about how to analyze those "news" articles. You know, the ones that appear to discredit organic food or some other thing that it just doesn't take any brains to know is better. :) Let's see...feed my kids food covered in chemicals, or not covered in chemicals. If I can afford organic, uh...let's see...

Now if we could just get everyone to apply those thinking skills to the election. But, that's another story. ;)


  1. Here's an "Amen!" to that bit about the election!!

  2. Sara, I'm afraid my critical thinking doesn't reach the same conclusion... ....curious.

    How does that happen? :-)dhh

  3. Donna - I'm going to refrain from a smart-alec remark and just say that would be a very long, very interesting conversation. Ha!

  4. Upon further thought - I think what must differentiate political thought, is what we want from our government, and what we believe is their job. I can't come up with any other reason two Christian people would have differing political opinions.

    Personally, I want my government to keep me and my family safe and keep the roads drivable, and not much else. I want them to stay out of my personal life, and I want them to encourage people to take care of themselves and others. That is what turns me off to "left" and/or Democratic party ideals. I feel they want to be too involved in my life, and that they have the wrong idea of what government should do.

  5. Haven't read the linked story yet, but I'm super excited about it, because I'm always so stressed out when articles like "NO NO, the FDA says plastic bottles are FINE!!" come out.

    It makes no sense to me, but I don't always no why...k...going to read it now:)