Friday, October 17, 2008

End of the week Update

1. I've been home a lot this week, due largely to the fact that the Jetta has quit working. It has needed a new oxygen sensor for about a year and a half, and it's worse in the cold. So, we have cold nights now, and it's done starting unless we jump it. Not sure when we'll have the money to fix it, so for now it's parked.

2. I played for Prayer Shield again yesterday. When I picked the girls up from childcare, Hannah informed me that she found an animal cracker on the ground and hid under the table from the teacher while she ate it. This after the raisin incident last week. Hannah has been a pretty cranky little girl for the past few weeks. Whew.

3. In spite of that, Hannah is finally potty-training! She stayed dry all evening while we ran errands two nights ago, and even during childcare yesterday! When we're at home she still lays on the floor and cries when I tell her it's time to go potty, but, you know, who's counting that? ;) I just wonder why she thinks it's such a chore to do. But I'm glad we're making progress!

4. We had a first fitting for Tarah on Monday night. It was just the corset of her gown, but it looked great! Her wedding is December 20th, which is right around the corner in our world. I put up pics of Safiya's gown on our website this week, in case you haven't seen them and wanted to. It's looking like we're going to be getting an office in the next couple of weeks, so that's exciting too. No more fittings in Holly's basement or consultations at Starbucks. ;)

5. Sunday night we went to Group Leader Training at church. We are all taking the DISC test, and this Sunday night we're analyzing what the results mean. When I lead small groups, I am an ID, in case anyone cares. I think I become a DI at home...which I have to temper with S in order to not drive my kids nuts. Anyway, enough rambling about that.

6. Thus far, not a single contact from the Bridal Fair. I think it will be several months before we know for sure if we got business from it, but I had expected at least a few inquiries. Oh well. Other vendors there told us in the future, not to waste our time with shows in the fall. Apparently everyone gets engaged over the holidays.

7. Tomorrow we're headed to this little farm about an hour away to pick pumpkins. I think we're going to bring the dog since they allow that, and make an afternoon out of it. They have a general store, a tractor ride to the field, homemade treats (not that we can eat any of them!), and other fun stuff.

8. In the morning though, Jon Hutchison's memorial service first. Though this is incredibly hard, I'm sure it will be a beautiful celebration of his life, and I look forward to giving my friend Melody a big hug. We do not grieve as those who have no hope...thank God.

9. We were headed to the grocery store the other night, and passed by a toy set out on the road. I asked Nick to turn around, and lo and behold, it was a First Steps kitchen - a very expensive toy! Some of the stickers are worn off and it's missing the coffee pot, but other than that it's in terrific shape and super neat! As soon as I get it cleaned up my kids are going to absolutely love it. I guess it's discontinued, because I can't find anything remotely like it online. It's probably 10 years old. Heh. Oh well. It has a fridge, a dishwasher, a light we can try to put batteries in, a fold out table, and the usual stove, sink, cabinets...and it's really sturdy. Plus, Step2 is made in the U.S., so no fear of lead paint! :) Not bad for free, huh?

Alright this is getting super long, so I'll go. What's going on in all your worlds? It's quiet online this week!


  1. Wahooooo!! A very big CONGRATS on getting an office! I am SO excited for you guys. :) You will have to have an office grand opening party. :)

    Oh, and nice job on the find for the kids kitchen. My mother would be so proud of you. :)

    I'm not surprised that she doesn't want to go to the potty at home. I mean really, it takes time away from playing! Wouldn't it save time for us if we could just go in our pants? Just think of all the extra work we'd get done! Hehe :)

  2. Excitement! An office, a beautiful start to a fitting, a FREE kitchen for the kids, congratulations! Oh, and (almost) successful potty training! Ye-haw! :-)