Monday, October 20, 2008

The Blessing of Children

I enjoyed this post from Kim today. Although I seriously doubt we will ever get to 10 (never say never on this kind of thing!), this is something I've been giving a lot of thought to lately.

While talking to my Gramma on the phone a week or so ago, she was talking about the many things she wishes she could still do. Dance, was one of them. (My Gramma always was a feisty one!) :) I said to her, "Look at how many people came from your family though, and how many of them love God and take care of each other. You have a great legacy." (They had 6 children, and they have 25 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren) Her response surprised me. "Yes, I would have had 10 children if I had known how much joy they would bring us." I asked her if she really meant that, and she really did. My Gramma was a nurse for many, many years, helping women deliver their babies, and also working in ICU for a long time. She had the chance to serve and help lots of people, but none of it meant what her kids did and do... They've had many struggles over the years, but their children still mean more than anything else to them.

My Grampa's family can trace their heritage back to the 1400's. We have a family historian who has spent countless hours putting our family tree together, and we have a "family website." On that site, many of my relatives have posted OLD pictures from as far back as the 1880's. The thing that struck me is people are all that really lasts. We can do huge amounts of great work, and it will make a difference. But our children, and their children, and their children are the ones who will remember us, ask about what we were like, want to know what was important to us, and treasure the memory of us. No one I make a wedding dress for will do that. Most people I have or will lead worship for or teach will not do that, although I'd like to think there would be a few I would make an impact on. There are many dear friends whose pictures made it on the family website too, which I found interesting, so friends definitely matter a huge amount as well. But, PEOPLE! People are all that is important in the long run.

I have no brilliant conclusion to this post yet. What are your thoughts?


  1. Sara,

    As God permits, I share my heart. Since you assssked.. I'll share. I too am open womb. I came to this point after my tubal and the sad side affects. It was then God took me on a journey to search his Word on children and marraige. I came to the conclusion (though not all agree) that this is one area that belongs to the Lord. Through out His Word he speaks of opening and closing the womb. The Word Blessing co-incides with Children over and over. I have found families that are open womb are full of joy. We can talk more of this sometime when I see you but keep searching. A book I'd recommend is called A Quiverful by the Hess's. And of course start in Genesis and work through Revelation.Pray and search. God's Word is the only truth..right.. then there is where you will find your answers.

  2. I believe the Bible is clear about childbearing and that God will know what we can handle in all situations including children. If we look at the whole of Scripture for an answer, we are taught to trust God in everything and in every situation. Even the very first murder in the Bible has childbearing as part of the healing as God comforts Eve with another child, Seth. What an amazing story.

    There are certainly those who do not understand how some mothers (and fathers) can allow God to know best and have Him direct any area of their lives, let alone how many children they will have.

    Many women will take birth control pills without full disclosure from their doctor about how some types of birth control affect conception. Here's some information and why I think these types of birth control shouldn't be used by Christians:

    • Progesterone Only Pill: Often called the "mini pill" it is taken to prevent ovulation, provided it is taken correctly.

    The problem arises when one misses a daily dose and must double-up on pills the next day. If ovulation occurs (sperm can live in the woman's body for up to three days waiting for ovulation), sperm may fertilize the egg. The double dose of progestin changes the endometrium of the uterus to prevent implantation of the zygote (the fertilized egg). Based on Biblical study, I believe this qualifies as abortion since the fertilized egg would develop into a fetus if left to natural uterine implantation.

    • Combination Pills: Basically the same function as the Progestin pill but containing estrogen to further prevent ovulation.

    The same double-up dosing is recommended to prevent pregnancy when pills are skipped so that the fertilized egg will not to implant in the uterus.

    • Continuous Use Pills: Pills are taken continuously without a break to prevent any period. These are newly approved by the FDA (only on the US market for 18 months).

    Aside from the same issues with preventing a fertilized egg from implantation, this type of avoidance of menstruation may be dangerous. Many women begin taking birth control pills to regulate menstruation because of the known health benefits of regular menstrual cycles.

    • Emergency Contraceptive Pills: This does exactly what it says; prevents pregnancy if no previous plan was in place.

    Unfortunately, these pills are available for over-the-counter purchase by anyone over 18.

    Contraceptive Injection and The Patch birth control methods all contain the same hormones as the pill to prevent pregnancy by preventing implantation of the fertilized egg and therefore should not be used by Christians.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment, but in my experience there are a lot of Christian husbands and wives who have never heard this information. Education about sexual encounters without protection is something Christians need to know about and should be thoroughly discussed with health care providers and trusted clergy to make an informed decision.

    And, of course, lost and lots of prayer!