Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Update

1. It's a foggy day here. Hannah told me at breakfast that we needed to get rid of the fog so we can see the sun. "But how will we get up there? We need a ladder." You betcha.

2. We spent most of the weekend sitting around here. We did finally make it to church last night, keeping Hannah with us since her cough sounds awful, but other than that we stayed home. Kind of nice to do that once in a while. Wish Hannah felt better though.

3. Another fairly quiet week around here. There's a free marriage seminar at church Friday and Saturday that we're hoping to get to. You're supposed to register, and no childcare is available, but you can't beat free.

4. I'm starting Flylady again. Our house had gotten completely out of control. I always come back full circle to her system. It's not perfect, but your house does get and stay clean. Hannah in particular has such a need for order in her surroundings. She actually behaves better when the house is clean. It's important for me to give her that chance.

5. Honestly, not sure what else to talk about. Money is incredibly tight around here. I set a new record this week for money spent on groceries for the week, just for the normal stuff. The prices keep going up. At least gas is down, especially when you only have one functioning car! :) I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how big God is, and how he promises to take care of us. If the money issues start to seem bigger than God, my perspective is out of whack. God has to be big enough to take care of us, or what we confess to believe is phony. And ultimately, my desire to be close to God has to outweigh my desire for the comforts money can buy. My ultimate comfort comes from intimacy with Him.

There's my sermon for the day...well, I'm teaching school of worship today, so it's probably not the only one, but it's the one for you. And me. :)

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