Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Evening

We had the best time outside tonight. I wish I could transport you to our backyard for the night. It's quiet here, and you hear the birds chirp and dogs bark from the other side of the ravine behind our neighbor's yard. The air smells sweet with pine needles and grass and wild flowers, and it's warm without being the slightest bit muggy or uncomfortable. Colorado summer evenings are heavenly.

Nick entertained Hannah by kicking her Backyardigans ball high into the air and knocking down dead tree branches for a good hour. Audrey played in the sandbox and looked at pine cones. I enjoyed my $3 garage sale find - a lounge chair.

We have everything we need, we're realizing. Our house isn't big, it isn't fancy, and it is far from perfect, but if we can have peace like this here, we are very blessed.


  1. So pretty! Your backyard is beautiful. I love being in Colorado in the summer. It is so peaceful...just relaxing and being outside!

  2. Wow! You so rarely post photos...the one time I was in Colorado I absolutely loved it! Good for you for realizing that you're content with where you are and what you have! For some people that takes a lifetime.

  3. I know! I need to post more. I never think of the camera when I'm doing things. I'm usually too busy enjoying what I see to think of taking pictures of it. :)

    And yes, thanks. We're finding more isn't necessarily better, sometimes it's just more. I can't remember what movie that's from? :)

  4. The last photo in the line-up looks a lot like Sharon did--bet you never heard that before....would it be Audrey?

  5. Yep, that's Audrey - funny you think she looks like mom. Everyone usually says she looks like my dad. :)