Monday, July 21, 2008

Email Cleanup

Is your inbox overflowing with junk? I came across this site today. You actually have to pay for some of it, but just reading the posts on the front page was motivating to me. I set up filters on my email, wrote a few templates, and even started cleaning up the garage (15 minutes is a start!) as a result. Yay for getting rid of time-wasters and procrastinating so you can have more fun and focus on really important things!


  1. I find cleaning a room out deeply satisfying--I sit back and think "wow I accomplished something today".

    Sometimes when you are a SAHM it can seem like all you have done is work and yet have nothing physical to show for it. So it nice to have tangible evidence

  2. Quite interesting! I had to completely delete my email a couple years ago because of so much junk.

    I found your blog while searching Homeschooling; check out my Homeschooling blog if you get a chance. Although we aren't officially doing lessons this summer, I have found many educational opportunities to blog about!