Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. On Thursday night, Nick and I went on our first overnight date since Hannah was born. My mom kept the girls, and we went to a 4-star hotel in downtown Denver that we got a deal on from They have this thing where you can see how many stars a hotel gets, and roughly where it is, and then you pay a low price before you get to see what hotel it is. For the hotel we stayed in, the price was nearly 1/3 of what the going price on the hotel's site was! Pretty good deal! It was very fun and relaxing. We walked around at the 16th street mall - this huge outdoor 10 or 12 block area full of shops. It was nice to have a change of scenery and have some time together.

2. We saw Get Smart while we were out Thursday. I've decided I like Anne Hathaway. She sure was funny in it, as was of course, that guy from the Office whose name I can never remember.

3. We went to the swim beach (it's lake water with sand around it) with our small group on Saturday. So fun! It was blazing hot, and I think everyone there came home sunburnt. The kids had a blast playing together in the water.

4. Wisdom teeth on Friday. Dun, dun, dun. Seriously, I'm having to remind myself that my life will not be over on Friday. I'm so lame about this kind of thing.

5. We have a first fitting for another Maeve gown on Wednesday. This gown should be done by the middle of August. It's a strapless gown with a high waist and a wide black sash that ties in a soft bow and trails to the floor in back.

6. We have had two requests for Maeve quotes just this week. One of them is for a size 20 wedding gown. I had never thought about this before, but a size 20 person wouldn't even be able to try on gowns at a bridal shop. Interesting market for plus size women have a wedding gown they love!

7. Going to Denver with my sister Holly tomorrow to check out Denver Fabrics for Maeve, and stop by Dr P's office for this stuff he says will help me heal from my wisdom teeth faster. It's homeopathic and herbal anti-inflammatory stuff called Pro-Trauma. He says to take it for two days before and four days after my surgery.

8. I have a new piano student starting today. I started advertising on Facebook for new students who want to learn worship piano. I should start another one next week too. Pretty exciting. Wish I had a better area to teach in, that's the only thing. Someday I'll have a nice studio with a piano and keyboard and computer and filing cabinet so I can look organized, and a bookcase. I know exactly what it would look like.

9. I played at the Presbyterian church again yesterday. The pastor said to me, "You're becoming part of the family!" I'm not scheduled again for a while, but I finally have their service flow down. It was almost second nature yesterday. Wish I could play somewhere more often...

10. Listening to Michael Rossback today. Some old ORU friends have been talking about him lately, which is funny, because he's from New Life. Yay for him! Gaining a following, I guess!

Alright. Time to go do something productive.

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  1. How nice that you got to go away overnight! I love those kind of dates. We tried to see Get Smart on Saturday night here, but we couldn't get seats together in the theater; we saw Hancock instead. It was good, but I still want to see Get Smart. And BTW, the guy from The Office in it is Steve Carroll. He's hysterical!