Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. The wedding went fine this weekend, considering. The bride and groom were really neat people who really seem to love God and each other. They just weren't terribly organized. :) So, I found out what I was going to play on Tuesday, they added two worship songs on Wednesday, and then Friday at the rehearsal, they added a guitar player to the worship songs. It felt pretty thrown together for me, and I hope it sounded good for them. I felt a bit like a mess. I played basically for two hours. My forearms are sunburnt. :)

2. The housing saga continues. We thought we had found a great house, but after plugging the numbers into our budget, we said, "We must be nuts." That's not the house. The required 30 day notice is fast approaching, and our landlord had asked for 45 day notice if we could give it to her. Yeah. That's today. At this point I'm hoping we don't end up in my parents' basement.

3. My sister Holly is out of town this week and I'm hoping to get lots of Maeve stuff set up. We're working on our processes so that things run more and more smoothly with each client. We are signed up for a big bridal fair on October 5th. It's free - you'll have to come. :)

4. This is a slow week for us. Which is good, because we need to find a house.

5. Our anniversary is the 24th, and my parents are going to keep our kids overnight for us. This is the first time we've been away overnight since Hannah was born. This is rather momentous.

6. The day AFTER our anniversary, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. Yes, I'm 28, and no, I still haven't had my wisdom teeth out. I have two fully impacted ones, and I'm really scared, frankly. They're doing general anesthesia, and I just hate the whole idea. I will be so glad when it's over...except AFTER seems like the worst part. Please don't tell me any horror stories. I'm scared enough.

7. Safiya's Maeve gown goes to the seamstress this week. Holly's getting more and more experienced, and we might actually make money on this one! :)

8. Found this nifty site called You can link it to, and then clock in and out using a voice mail - even with job codes! This could prove to be VERY helpful for Maeve.

9. Any tips on cheap airline tickets? A good friend and her boyfriend decided to have a low-key spontaneous wedding in CA on August 8th, and I would LOVE to go.


  1. Wisdom teeth--I had mine out at 26 (just a couple months after chris and I got married). It was just fine and it is not typical anestesia like major surgery. It will be just fine sweetie.

    The housing situation--that is a tough one. I loathe moving, but as you know God is in control and will provide a way.

    The wedding--hey at least at my wedding I had you under a gazebo, I was the one with burned arms...ahhh memories :)
    I remember your mom and Amy shaking their booties on the dance floor, so cute.

  2. 1) I still have my wisdom teeth too, and although every dentist I go to says I don't have to have them out, I still worry someday they will change their mind. The scary part for me is the anesthesia as well. No fun!

    2) Not sure where you're going to in California but I have heard from a client that Express Jet is very cost friendly and they fly to: LA, San Diego, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara. :) I am probably going to go through too in a few months. Hope that helps!

  3. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and they were done before I realized they had started. The most I had to take was Motrin afterwards, not the perscribed vicodin. It wasn't bad at all. People make it out to be so scary. No worries.

    I really hope you find a house! That is always such a drag...

  4. Southwest Airlines is having great deals between Denver and CA. Here is the link:

    Wisdom Teeth- The worst experience I've ever had in my life. I was a sophomore in high school and out of class for two weeks. Hopefully your experience is better ;-)

  5. Thanks for all the reassurance, except for dede. Ha! :) I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm just a little sensitive about anybody doing anything weird with my mouth.

    The flight suggestions are great too - I wish flying just wasn't so expensive.

  6. I'm so glad things are going well with Maeve! I"m all for the small business woman! :-)
    I fortunately have all my wisdom teeth in and they are fine...sorry, no help here! :-)
    And, to agree with Christina, God's timing is perfect and rarely fits in with ours! Knowing that doesn't make the waiting and uncertainty any easier, though...

  7. Just stumbled on your blog. I am 33 and never had wisdom teeth come in. I always thought I was so lucky because it seems that everyone always has to get them out.