Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Raising Healthy Kids, etc.

Not light reading, but a great summary of things I believe and try to live by!

It's interesting...we still get sick more than this guy says we should be. I'm going to start experimenting with more enzymes. Also, we have experimented with raw milk/dairy. I can do raw milk cheese once a week or so with no problems. The kids don't handle it as well. I wonder if the enzymes might help clear that up. Have to look into enzymes for them - I have taken them myself, but don't have any in dosages for kiddos...

I had a terrible day yesterday. I felt awful, I was depressed, and I felt completely hopeless. Hanging out with our small group last night cheered me up SO much. But today I feel like a different person. The problems haven't changed, but I have more energy, I'm not achy, and most of all I don't feel like the world is coming to an end. :) The only answer I can come up with? It's probable that I had gluten Monday night, and I haven't had it in several weeks.

Circumstantial evidence? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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