Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. Spent a LONG time on the phone with a Qwest customer service guy this morning. All I really needed to do was reboot my computer and it worked, but my computer ran so slowly (I did buy it in...2001?) that he took it upon himself to walk me through cleaning out the temp files and while we waited, entertained me with stories. Seems he lives in the Philippines. He told me in broken English about how they work the night shift to provide customer service to the U.S. and then they sleep during the day, about the 70 year old man with a Macbook ("Why does he have a Macbook?"), about how it takes 30 minutes to drive across his country at night but 3 hours during the day, about the man who called tech support and after being passed from agent to agent (I assume because they are very difficult to understand), started yelling that he was going to bomb all of India. It was very entertaining and enlightening really. He asked me how far Colorado was from Arizona, and was amazed when I told him my friend in Phoenix is 18 hours away, going 75 miles per hour. I love America, and I also love a reminder that ours isn't the only way of life in the world.

2. My wisdom teeth (or rather, the holes left from them) hurt. The guy Nick works with had his out at 28, and said he had to take a week off work. Doesn't really surprise me. But I'm making it. I'm able to eat now, and the swelling seems to be down some today. Can I teach this afternoon - that is the question.

3. Holly and I have an interesting meeting Wednesday night. A woman called me who is a fashion designer and needs a technical designer (also known as a pattern-maker). Holly is excited to maybe design the patterns for the girl's sketches, and maybe our seamstress can sew them. A fun little diversion for us until our Bridal Fair on Oct 5th, of course, you never know where the next big opportunity will come from. Maybe this girl is the next big designer?

4. My Dad is speaking tonight at a meeting of a couple hundred local Christian business owners. Kinda neat - I'm looking forward to hearing him.

5. Everything this week feels up in the air - between getting well from my surgery and maybe keeping little Kadence if/when her mommy goes into labor, I'm committing to very little. :)

6. Hannah seems to be potty-training herself. She goes into the bathroom, takes her diaper off, goes on the potty chair, puts a pull-up on, and then comes asking for a sticker. She doesn't want me to help - she wants to do it. Very strange, but if that's what works. Now if we could convince Audrey to follow along. SO tired of buying diapers.

7. I'm toying with the idea of starting another project. Heh. I want to finish my degree. I only have about 40 hours left to graduate from ORU. In theory, I could take some classes here and then we could move down to Tulsa next fall for 1 school year, Nick could work from home, and I could finish my degree. Are we nuts? Probably. LOTS of things would have to work perfectly for this to happen. No roadblocks found during my research thus far, however.

8. Hannah learned how to turn on DVD's for herself. They have this Blue's Clues DVD that she's been putting on OVER and OVER. Who gets paid to write songs for kids shows? And Why?

9. I love summer. I just wanted to say that. The warm weather feels SO good to me. Since we live in a more rural area, we've been leaving our windows open 24/7, and it just feels so good.

Better get started on my disaster area the way - I love how many of you have started your own version of updates. :)


  1. LOL... I love your quest guy story. That got me laughing. Good for you wanting to return and finish your degree. You can do it, that is, if you decide to! :)

  2. That is funny. I laughed too. Kind of a cool way of connecting two very different lives.
    I am jealous about the potty training. I am tired of diapers!
    If you move we will miss you but we will stay in touch and be excited for you to come home. That would be awesome for you to finish your degree! What a great feeling!
    I only have to make it until tomorrow afternoon/evening when the Thrustons come back! And so far it's looking fine...thank you SO SO much for being willing to keep her! I know she would love hanging out with Audrey and Hannah!

  3. We won't make it to OC and Sunny Hills so we'll probably miss seeing your parents. Bummer. We'll be in San Diego for four days and then to Yorba Linda on Sunday afternoon. I personally know of four other families going to So Cal this week and now your parents... it might be crowded!

    I still have all of my wisdom teeth but there are only three of them so that might be why I had room for them. : )

    The best potty-training motivator for J was preschool. We told her they don't allow diapers at school and so when she turned three, she trained herself. The last time we went to Costco, it was the first time I had been in 8 years and didn't buy diapers. What a feeling.

    Blessings on your decisions about continuing your education. I might even do that at some time. Biology is my field. Since I'm not planning to start another career, I don't think the degree would be useful except to help my kids with science. Whatever.