Thursday, July 31, 2008


Um, so I think we're getting a dog.

I was talking to my landlord last night, and in the course of the conversation it came up that we were wanting a dog but waiting to have the money for the deposit, at which point she tells me that we are the best renters they've ever had in 10 years, that we are the only renters they've ever not had the neighbors call to complain about, and that we should just go ahead and get our dog. She's not worried about us.

So, went online and started looking. Found this test, which tells you which kind of dog would be right for you. The first one on my list was a toy poodle. Yeah. NO. The fourth one on the list was a lab. I have ALWAYS loved chocolate labs. Then I went on Craig's list and found a 5 year old male chocolate lab whose family doesn't have time to take care of him anymore. He's free. We're going to go see him soon. It's all rather fast, but it makes perfect sense! I'm very excited to have a buddy for my kids - and for me!


  1. I took the test, my #1 dog was the Border Terrier (poodle was #4). We want to get a dog, but dog's are a lot of work and I'm not ready to commit. We will eventually get one.

    Good luck with the dog.

    So are you not moving now?

  2. No, we're not moving, we're signing a 9 month lease that will take us to June 1st.

    After looking around, we're finding that we're getting a steal for rent, considering we have land. We also can't afford to comfortably move and front another deposit, pay moving costs, etc. We're going to stay here, pay down some more debt, save some money, and just be content with what we have. :)

  3. Well toy poodles are amazing dogs just so you know. I grew up with one and she was my best friend and a really good gaurd dog. Just sayin. :) And we currently have a lab mix. We got her when she was 8 weeks last Christmas and she's just like a kid. As long as she's getting excersize, toys and treats she's happy. Dogs are a lot of work but totally worth it.

  4. Chocolate Labs are absolutely adorable. I hope you end up with a really sweet dog!

  5. so where's the pictures of Puppy?

    We love our free dog too! She's a gem!