Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. We're moving Sept 1st. We decided this following the water leaking through the ceiling of our bedroom after the rain Thursday night. Long story, one that I wish I could make sound more funny than well, bitter. No luck on that so far. Anyway, we're looking for a place. We want 3 or 4 bedrooms, 1/2 acre or more, and for it to be at the north end somewhere. No idea what we're going to spend. We're so sick of moving that we're feeling the need to find something we can stay in, and just make it work.

2. This is Renee's Maeve gown:(Photos by Jennifer Harrelson Photography)
See for more pictures soon. Yay!! (Her wedding was this weekend)

3. Our couples small group is finished with the book study we've been doing, and would love to have some more couples join us. Let me know if you're interested. (Lots of small commercials today)

4. Playing for a wedding this weekend. Always nice to get paid for playing the piano. I'm accompanying a 12 year old violin prodigy for one song. Haven't done that kind of thing in a while.

5. High school reunion planning continues. We have 10 people signed up and paid so far. Need at least 40 more to make the money work. We're meeting Wednesday night. Why did I get myself into this project? One thing I should not have volunteered for...

6. Another book I highly recommend: Your Personality Tree. We've been reading it this weekend. I'll have to blog on it later.

7. My kitty is sick. He threw up a couple times last night, and has just been laying around. Wish I knew what to do for him. Poor Moses.

8. Audrey just climbed up on my lap and told me she's sleepy and that it's nap time. No joke. That's weird.


  1. Wow! Moving will be fun. You'll have lots of moving help and it's so fun to shop for a house!
    Poor sick kitty. Sad.
    That dress is absolutely beautiful!!! You guys are way talented.

  2. Sara! That dress is SO beautiful. :) Great job once again!! :) Praying for you guys to find a home that works better for you guys and when you need help moving, don't forget to call us! :)

  3. Thanks, guys! We're so excited!