Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a night...

Here's a story for you.

Child decides that instead of eating her very good dinner, she will go hungry.
Mother repeatedly offers child her dinner when she asks for fruit, cookies, cake, crackers and anything else she can think of.
The dinner is summarily refused.
Child goes to bed hungry, with Mother feeling somewhat guilty but justified.
Baby gets up to 1am and at 3am.
(Baby still will not eat more than half a jar of solid food at a time.)
Child proceeds to cry mommy, mommy, mommy for about three hours starting at about 3:30am.
When half asleep Mother goes to check on her (4 or 5 times), Child asks for a hot dog.
Mother has no hot dogs, nor anything else she would like to offer at 4am.
Child eventually gives up, but not before wiping out Mother.
(Mother may or may not have covered her head with a pillow once Father got up.)
Mother cancels morning activities that were important, because she cannot get out of bed on 4 hours sleep.
Baby proceeds to cry Mommy, mommy, mommy for about 30 minutes before Mother drags herself out of bed for the morning.

So, how's your day going?


  1. Oh man, Sara! What a night! Dave and I were just saying the other night (as he was on his hands and knees scrubbing puke off the brand new carpet) that parenting really is challenging! I'm sorry you've had such a rough night. We've been sitting at home for a few days now as Dawson continues to have this stomach virus. Hang in there!!

  2. Thanks, you too! Is he getting any better?

  3. We had a similar night--Cole was coughing so loudly in the middle of the night that it woke up Cooper (they don't share a room--but their beds butt up to the same wall). So Cooper starts crying/screaming--Chris gets up, I get up. Not to mention the fact that Chris and I both have the flu. Good times at our house!

  4. Sounds familiar. :<) I had a child nutritionist tell me one time that the child decides if and how much they eat and the parent decides when and what. Some days I wonder how my kids can function on the little that they choose to eat. Hang in there! Some day soon, we might all be sitting around typing about how we miss those first years, as difficult as they are.

  5. I think it helps some to commiserate with each other and realize that it's not just our kids. :)