Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm cranky today. I was cranky yesterday also.

I'm currently making soup. Cold day, warm soup, sounds good, right? Except that halfway into this new recipe, I realized there is NO WAY all of this is going to fit in the pan I have. After using a little less of everything, the pan is BRIMMING. Now it has to cook for an hour. I get really mad about stuff like this - mad that I didn't realize it wouldn't fit, mad that I don't have what I need... I really need to just get over it.

The girls have seemed harder than usual the past few days also. Audrey has officially entered toddlerdom, tantrums and all. Today on our way out of church she got so mad for so long that before it was over she had hit her mouth and her head from throwing her head around. I did everything I could to hang onto her, but as soon as I thought she was done she'd start again. Whew. And that's just ONE example from this week.

Date night did not happen this week because the girls were sick. Date night hasn't happened in two months. It's supposed to be every week. The girls' noses have been running since the beginning of time and we can't seem to shake it.

Do you ever wish you had a reset button? Like, none of these things would really bother me all that much if I didn't already feel kind of overstretched. I wish it was possible to just suddenly see everything from a fresh perspective.


  1. I know what you mean about the soup--that really ticks me off, I once threw out an entire pan of chili because I couldn't get it all to fit. I screamed FORGET IT--WERE GOING OUT FOR DINNER. Probably not my finest parenting hour.

  2. I almost did that! :) Then I calmed down because it wasn't worth blowing the budget for the week.

    On the Walmart list: stock pot...