Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I had a revelation today.

First, a little background. For all three years of our married life, we have had piles of papers in the kitchen. Bills, mail, magazines, you-name-it. It gets piled on the kitchen counter. I have always hated this. Here I am, miss organized, and my kitchen always looks like a mess. So I was reading a blog today (currently I can't remember which one. If I figure it out I will add the link.) She recommends starting a new habit on Saturdays. Just as an example, she said, "say you want to file 5 papers every day after breakfast." A light bulb came on. That would solve the problem!

Then, I started thinking about the problem itself. My mom ALWAYS had a pile of papers on the counter when I was growing up. It is something I am used to. Organization, however, never was my mom's strong point. She would tell you that herself. Another piece of the puzzle is the fact that in my brain it is Nick's job to take care of the finances. This includes the millions of bills (okay, not MILLIONS, but it sometimes feels like millions)

So, here's the revelation: organization is not Nick's strong point. It's mine. I have every skill I need to come up with a system to fix this. Nick will love it. I will no longer have piles on the counter. We will be able to pay all our bills on time all the time, because we will know what's due when and where the bill is.

I have been living with something when I have everything I need to fix it. Duh. Do you have anything like this? I really believe that God gives families the skills and talents needed to allow for success. This includes the kids - not just the parents. Hannah already has an incredible gift of organization as well. Hers may surpass mine because I will encourage her in it. I hope it does. And not in an obsessive compulsive way - in a way that gives life and finds order out of chaos.

Be inspired also today - what problem do you have that you or a family member has the talents to fix?

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