Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Highlights

Are you tired of me yet?

1. I am feeling better today. Amazing what a little sleep, a little time with God, and a little time with the husband will do for ya.

2. This week is insane. Among other things, Grandparents are here until Wednesday, in-laws arrive Saturday, haircut (yay!) on Wednesday, teaching piano, going to choir, having the mom's group...

3. The Rockies are one game away from the World Series. This is the point at which I'm actually interested enough to sit and watch games. Baseball is the one sport I actually fully understand.

4. Trying to decide on paint color for the bathroom. I think I want a warm color, and not too intense, but fun... Or maybe something else. I've never decided on a paint color before. What if I hate it?

5. I made gluten-free chocolate cake last night. It turned out okay. It needed more chocolate. I have, however, finally figured out the high altitude baking thing. A little less baking powder and an extra egg does the trick every time.

6. We had SNOW here last night. I have no idea what to say about that. It was pretty, and our house was cozy...but it's COLD out!

Alright. Gotta go do my filing and my yoga.

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