Friday, October 19, 2007

Dr. P on parabens and plastic

I emailed my naturopathic doctor, who my family has been seeing for over 10 years (affectionately known as Dr P), and asked him about the paraben and plastic things. Thought I would pass on his response, in case anyone was interested.

"The parabens are waxes. These of course would plug pores and not be particularly healthy for the skin and scalp. But they are not lethal or toxic in any way. This is why stearates (waxes) are used in vitamin supplements. Hot wax is used to treat arthritic pain and without toxic side effects. So I would not get too worked up about their presence in products that you use.

Remember that toxic chemicals like plastics are only as toxic as your system allows. If you take care of your diet and have good nutrient levels in your system you will be able to tolerate chemicals that you are exposed to. In other words with your current diet of good whole foods you and your family should not have a problem with low level exposures to plastics."

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