Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Highlights

I've decided to do highlights on Mondays. Usually I have lots.

-Audrey was sick all weekend with a high fever. I suspect it may be her throat. If she's not better tomorrow I'll have to take her in, I suppose. We've had a few tough nights around here.

-We watched Elizabethtown on tv last night, and that inspired me to download the soundtrack. Good music, all in one place. We decided that is one of our favorite movies, too.

-Could somebody please tell me how it got to be October already?

-We went and picked apples and pumpkins at the Happy Apple Farm on Saturday. It was incredibly windy and dusty, and I don't think anybody but me had fun. I had a blast. I need my own farm. Anyone want to buy me one?

-I played piano at a little tiny church downtown again this weekend. Hymns straight from the hymnal. I had so much fun. I talked to this little old lady who has been going to church there since 1954. Folks, that is a post in and of itself.

-Yesterday I SCRUBBED the kitchen. It has not felt clean to me yet, so we pulled out the fridge and stove and I cleaned under those, and I scrubbed all the baseboards. It doesn't look much different, but it feels so much better to me. And now my arms and back are sore.

-Some friends and I are planning a reunion for my Bible school graduating year. I am so excited about this. I think all involved would say that year changed our lives and we made friends for life. I can't wait for next summer.

-My friend Tara was here from California Thursday through Saturday morning. She flew out for an appointment with Dr P. She wanted to see a doctor like him and liked that he had a track record with my family. She starts her fast and cleansing diet this week. Go, Tara! I hadn't seen her in about 5 years. We graduated from high school together. That was almost 10 years ago. I'm getting old.

Alright. Naptime for tired, cranky, sick kids.


  1. Oh I can TOTALLY relate to not "feeling" clean.
    I LOVE love love it when I know that there is not dust under the couch, or grease behind the stove...even if I can't see it:)
    And I too am shocked that it is October. Crazy!

  2. Thanks for validating my OCD. :) I don't think it would be so bad if the house hadn't been so filthy when we moved in. Just the thought of it... Nasty.

  3. I really enjoyed Elizabethtown too. For a similar "finding yourself" storyline check out Garden State. I love that movie. It's a little gritty and there's a drug scene I could do without, but the journey the main character makes is inspiring. The music is awesome too.

  4. I'll have to look for that one. Sometimes grittiness is refreshing. I just wish Hollywood did a better job with "real-life gritty" without doing "nasty gritty" ya know?