Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We are doing NOTHING today. Happy Halloween to me. Two of the three of us are still in Pj's. It's 2pm. Thank you very much. I needed a day of rest, badly.

I do, however, have cute pictures.

Hannah and Nana - Nick's mom

Hannah and Grampa - Nick's dad

Nick and Hannah and the first snow. I am a wimp and I took these through the window. Honestly, we live in Colorado and none of us own good snow gear. We probably need to change that soon.

No, I cannot smile bigger than this. Like my new haircut?


  1. The girls are so cute! Congrats on the day off. I'm taking one too, until the Halloween craziness begins!

    Hopefully your weather will permit yard sales. That and hand-me-downs are my favorite way to get clothes for my kids. If not, you should check out your local thrift store for stuff. With three kids, I can't afford to buy very many brand new clothes.

    Your haircut is very stylish, have you ever had it that short before?

  2. Thanks! :)

    I should check out the thrift stores, especially since snow stuff doesn't generally wear out.

    I have had it shorter than this once before. I was tired of taking care of long hair and I can do lots of different fun things with it like this. I've actually been having it cut with the same guy for about 7 years, so I just went to him and said, "do what you want with it." I love it.

  3. Cute pumpkins! (The carved ones are nice, too.) :)

    Snow... brr!!! I actually got cold just looking at your snow picture. I feel blessed by a very mild fall in VA!! :)

    I wanted to add that we love thrift stores. The key to ours is going monthly to find the "nuggets" among the "coal." We've found some very nice, name brand clothes for our kids. Even my husband sports thrift store bargains to the office!

  4. Cute hair cut, love the bangs. I got my hair cut yesterday--it is way short. But I was getting tired of always throwing it in a pony or having to wash and curl it everyday. The pumpkin's are cute.

  5. Hey, sorry I still haven't fulfilled my 'tag' request yet. Keep forgetting. Love the new haircut. I've been thinking about chopping mine and this just may be further inspiration! :)
    Hope you guys had a great day yesterday!
    Ps. I love all these thrifty gals you know! I am in total agreement with them-not that you're surprised. :)