Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday Highlights

I know it's Tuesday. Yesterday I for some reason declared war on the mess in the house, cooked a dinner fit for a king, and still managed to take care of kids and teach piano lessons.

1. Found a Pooh costume last night. Party America. $17. What a relief. I was afraid we had gotten ourselves into a pickle and would have to spend $40 and get it online. Hannah is wearing it now and I doubt she'll take it off.

2. Audrey now says, "all done." She says this about EVERYTHING. She'll look at me with those big brown eyes, raise her eyebrows and say, "all done." It is the cutest thing to see such a little kid talking.

3. My grandparents are driving here from CA. They should be here tomorrow night! This grampa is the only great-grandparent who hasn't met the girls. It will be nice to see them.

4. It looks like Nick's parents are coming next weekend. Wow. Lotsa company.

5. Fall has come to Colorado. It was COLD here yesterday morning. Like, in the 30's. All the leaves have turned. We have a little aspen tree outside our bathroom window - its leaves are bright yellow. Beautiful. (I'm feeling a little better about fall.)

6. I made this for dinner last night. Oh, my goodness. The chicken part cost too much for what it was, although it was delicious and we will probably get two or three meals out of it...but that acorn squash tasted like candy. And we have organic acorn squash for $.89 a pound around here right now. Eating in season is cheap, and finding good recipes is priceless. (Did you like that?)

7. On the agenda today: file papers, do yoga, scrub the bathtub, teach piano, and DATE NIGHT!

8. Listening to new Vanessa Carlton today. I think I might really like it. Still deciding.


  1. Sounds like a good wk so far! I always feel so much better when I get things done. Your recipe sounds amazing! Why do you think the chicken cost so much? How did you make your acorn squash? It sounds delicious also. Man, I miss you guys! I need to come see all new things audrey is doing. Have a great wk!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog today. I greatly appreciate hearing your perspective!

  3. The chicken was an organic one, because I had planned to make it and when I got to the store it was all they had. $18 for a chicken. I must be nuts. I justified it by telling myself it would go several meals. The acorn squash recipe is under the chicken one on that link. It really was delicious. I'll have to make that again!