Monday, October 15, 2007

California Bans Phthalates in toys

For years, people very concerned about the chemicals in plastic have bought expensive wooden toys for their kids and used glass baby bottles. They were thought of as a bit excessive. However, now California has banned the use of a chemical widely used to soften plastic. Other states are also considering bans.

What do you guys think of this? Is it "the sky is falling" alarmist stuff? Would you stop buying plastic toys, in spite of everything, if they were proven harmful? Do you think companies will change the way they manufacture toys as a result? How far do you think we should go to protect our kids?


  1. In my previous life as a professional, I worked for a medical supply company in California that largely manufactured IV solutions and drug delivery systems. Their major selling point over the competition was their IV fluid bags and IV tubing were totally free of plasticizers that make bags and tubes pliable. Although their product was more expensive, they had many loyal customers.

    I wonder if their caution was because of their concern for the health of their medical patients or their fear of lawsuits for using hazardous materials in a hospital? How much more should parents be concerned for the health of our children who depend on us for their safety?

    I remember when I quit that job to stay home with my children, I changed some things that I found risky. I didn't like the plastic smell of the Tupperware I stored our food in, so I changed it all to glass containers. We only use paper plates or dishes to reheat food in the microwave to avoid zapping small plastic molecules into our food.

    There are countless things to consider regarding our health and the safety of our children, and I'm always learning more. Thanks for the link.

  2. Interesting...

    It's just hard for me sometimes to decide how far to take that stuff. Like, what about the plastic spatula I use to scramble eggs? What about Hannah's "Care Bear" plate she loves? What about sippy cups? What about the pitcher I make iced tea in? I mean, you name it, it's made of plastic these days. I could replace half the stuff in my house...and we already try to be safe about these things!

  3. You're right, once you start down that road there's no end in sight...