Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The current view from my kitchen window

OK, so I know I posted beautiful pics of the sunset the other day, but today when I look out my window, all I can see is this:
Yes folks, that is in fact a doll head on top of a refrigerator (a refrigerator that has been out there for three weeks, by the way), and if you look closely, you will see yet another doll head on the hood of the Ford Bronco.

This begs several questions in my mind.
1. Why?
2. What makes some people have a sense of humor that is witty, one that is silly, or one that is just plain creepy?
3. Did the people who own that house HAVE to allow their son to move in there? The other day he went out on the back porch and looked for all the world like he was smoking pot. Lovely. He also does not appear to work, as his vehicle is always there, while is wife's new Audi is never there.

In spite of the discomfort this gives me, I can't help but also feel a little sorry for these people. They must kind of have a hard life.

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