Thursday, April 3, 2008

Question Authority

Kim has written yet another very insightful post. Some of the reading I have been doing lately has pointed to the value of being under authority, and I'm been meditating on that. We have many authority figures in our lives, and being under their authority brings certain protection in each case. For example, submitting to police officers (the law) brings physical safety as we don't drive too fast. This first one is usually not too hard for people to swallow. In addition (and maybe harder), submitting to the pastor and elders of your church as your spiritual authority brings protection spiritually (and keeps you from doing stupid things!). Submitting to your husband as the head of your home brings personal protection - protection from having ungodly attitudes, from mean people, from having to carry the burden of a role that is not ours to carry as women.

God doesn't ask us to mindlessly, brainlessly, and without question follow every word of those in authority. In fact Paul asked the churches to examine every word they were taught and make sure it lines up with Scripture. We as wives have input that our husbands desperately need, if they are to become all that God has for them (they also have similar input for us!). We see things they don't see sometimes. But questioning authority must always be done with respect and honor for the position of the one in authority.

Alright. I'm done with the soapbox for today. Would anyone else like to borrow it?

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  1. I agree with you; we should feel free to respectfully question any athority; and those in athority over us should be able to mindfully and gently answer those questions.
    I also feel that it's not wrong to sometimes lament and question God. Not necessarily question His right over our lives, but to simply ask, "Why?" when things are not going as we think they should. God is our Heavenly Father and wants us to come to Him with everything, as we would an earthly father; just think how many times our kids ask dad "Why?" during a day...
    Ok, tagging someone else with the soapbox...