Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Headlines

Good morning, friends.
This is week two of our two-week craziness...

1. Nick's friend Luis is getting married on Friday. Nick and Luis were roommates in college. I gotta find something to wear, get a gift, get Nick's shirt cleaned, pick up his pants from the tailor, and attend the rehearsal/dinner, if I can find a babysitter. :) Finding a babysitter is easier when you know which night you need one for. Last we heard they were still unsure if the rehearsal was Wednesday or Thursday.

2. Things are coming along with Maeve Bridal. We may have several new projects beginning this week - two wedding gowns and some bridesmaids! Holly and I have a coffee meeting tonight to make some decisions. I've personally probably put nearly 100 hours into this so far and have not made money yet. Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted, but once we start making money it sure will be cool. :) We've been running ads on Facebook, which you will only see if you live in town, are 18-30 years old and engaged.

3. Hannah is getting a big-girl bed this week. She is very excited. We've been talking about it for several days, and I think the anticipation is working well for us. We bought the bedding last night, and now we just have to go pick up the bed at my parents'. She still doesn't try to climb out of her crib, and I'm dreading not having a safe place for her anymore, but it's time.

4. I'm playing for worship again tomorrow! I must have done a good job last week. :) This group takes a break in a couple more weeks for the summer, but I'm so happy for the opportunity.

5. Hannah's birthday was a success. The gluten-free, egg-free cake left much to be desired in my opinion, but everybody else seemed to think it was fine. It was chocolate cake with fresh strawberries. In the future, I think we may try brownies or something else for a "birthday cake." Cake with egg replacer just doesn't work all that well in the high altitude. The biggest present hit was the swingset, which I will be posting pictures of soon. The second biggest was the Elefun game, which has spread little cloth butterflies all over my house. The cat loves them and carries them around in his mouth.

6. The little weather thing on my browser currently says it's going to be 77 degrees here tomorrow! I may cry. I love spring SO much. I have little flower seeds sprouting on my kitchen windowsill, and I'm on the lookout for some pansies for my front porch flower pots.

Alright. I better go get ready so we can go outside before Hannah falls apart on me. :) Go play out in the sunshine today!

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  1. Cole got Elefun for his 3rd birthday and still wants to play with it 2yrs later. It's a fun toy.

    I love spring as well. It is a surprise when things pop up in our yard, as we haven't lived there a full year. We noticed some daffodils coming in. Love it!!

    Glad Hannah had a good birthday.