Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recipe File

In my never-ending attempt to save money while eating healthy, I'm currently trying a 60-day trial of AccuChef. Before you laugh, let me tell you what this thing does. You can put all of your recipes in it, organize them by type, add them to a grocery list, price out your meals, do meal planning, and probably other things I have yet to figure out. You can even import recipes from recipe websites, and print out recipe books to give to friends or as gifts. I think it's pretty cool. And it's shareware, so after 60 uses, the registration is only $20. Pretty good deal, I think.

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  1. Okay, so....I'm sure you saw my post on the sweet potato muffins, right?

    You should check out the site where I got the recipe. This lady is awesome. She makes such yummy stuff and blogs about it. Most of it is gluten-free. And dairy- and egg-free.

    Either go to or

    And then tell me more about gluten!!!! What made you suspect the intolerance with Hannah?