Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. The wedding Friday night was...well...they got married. They're married now, and they get to enjoy being together all week. We're happy for them. And relieved.

2. I am feeling rather on the verge of burnout after the past couple of weeks. I did get 8 1/2 hours of sleep without waking up last night. That is a miracle and it helped considerably.

3. I planted pansies in my flower pots on the front and back porch yesterday. Yay for spring. Yay for flowers.

4. Hannah's twin bed has been a complete success thus far. We have laid by her until she falls asleep the past two nights, so as to avoid the stay in bed battles, and then she has slept until morning. Yesterday it was 8:30, this morning she is still in there at 9:20. I love that I have trained my kids to sleep late! Audrey was the one who fell apart over the bed change, since the crib she's been sleeping in was borrowed and we moved her to Hannah's old crib. Funny how they get attached to things. All the bedding is the same, just the crib and mattress are different, but she got SO upset.

5. I can hear Hannah in their room talking to Audrey about how she's changing Elmo's "bi-per."

6. Hannah has been telling me she loves me when I lay down with her at night. She has never done that without being prompted. I love it.

7. I have decided it's time to get in shape. I'm thin because of the way I eat, but I am not in shape. I love doing yoga, I just need to do it. Everyday. I can do this. Want to join me?

8. Our neighbors seem to have finally figured out how to keep their dog fenced. Yay!

OK, off to get my kids up and do my home blessing. :)


  1. Okay. I'm interested in #1. Care to share?

    As for getting in shape, I'm with you. I went for a run this morning! Not easy, nor fun, but necessary.

    Sleeping...have you tried eating a larger amount of protein right before bed? Maybe a handful of nuts or something? I have recently discovered that I sleep like a LOG (much to Jarid's dismay!) when I have protein before bed.

    Call me soon!

  2. Oh, I sleep fine, it's my kids and sometimes my cat that don't. I cannot express to you the intense feeling of frustration at being awakened at 4 in the morning by a yowling cat, and having no other place to put him except in the bathroom next to the girls' room.