Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Headlines

Good morning everybody.

1. Have I mentioned how much I love my church? Okay, just so we're clear on that.

2. To celebrate the exciting fact that we finally have health insurance for the first time in our marriage, I'm taking the girls to the doctor on Wednesday for way overdue checkups. I must admit my general mistrust of doctors, and the fact that the thought of this makes my stomach do flip-flops. We haven't been to this doctor, but he goes to our church, and I know many people that say he's great. He is also a family practice doctor, which means that Nick and I could see the same person if we needed to. I like the idea of him knowing our family as a unit. I'm hoping he doesn't have weight concerns about Audrey, because she's been a little on the small side.

3. I'm handing off the responsibility for a couple of things I normally do this week, and taking a break. I'm working on the Maeve website (a work in progress), keeping my house clean and hopefully playing outside with the kids!

4. I played piano for a little Presbyterian church downtown on Sunday morning. Always nice to get paid for playing. Really kind people...

5. Um, it's May. On Thursday. May is my favorite month here. Now if I only had a lilac bush... Someday my garden will be full of them.

6. Did you hear the tax refunds are coming early? We were supposed to get ours the 9th, but it looks like it may come the 5th, or even earlier. Nifty.

7. The reunion date is finally set! This is one of the things I passed off this week. I just couldn't get it done, so I gave it to another busy person and she totally took care of it. We found a great setup at a restaurant (not a bar after all :) downtown, on September 20th.

I can't think of anything else right now. Maybe I'll have to do a mid-week update when I think of more stuff. :) Hope your week was good!


  1. Yeah, it's almost May, and we just had a snow fall here! I drove Alec to school this morning and saw all the flowering trees blooming with snow underneath them on the very very green grass! Very weird!

  2. I know it - we're supposed to get snow this week too. Silly weather...