Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. We had a fun weekend. Nothing terribly eventful or memorable, but it was just nice.

2. The bachelor party Nick planned went very well. They took the groom to this indoor skydiving place. You actually float over a windtunnel. It's hysterical. Then they dressed him in a bull riding costume, complete with bull, and rode the public transportation train up a few stops where they made him walk into the pedestrian bridge over the interstate and wave to the cars. A good time was had by all.

3. Nick had a physical for medical insurance last week, and his pulse was like 65. His blood pressure was around 110/65. The examiner was impressed. I'm so glad to hear he's in such good health. We plan to live to 100 together, after all. ;)

4. Hannah's third birthday is this week. We're having a tough time deciding what to get for her. She really needs something to play outside on, but our backyard is sloped, and I'm a little paranoid about putting a swingset out there, especially without having gravel or anything under it to break falls. Not sure what the answer is. Maybe I'll check out Craig's list today anyway.

5. I get to play keys for worship tomorrow! If you're in town, noon worship at the prayer center is a small group called Prayer Shield for Families. There's free childcare...come worship with us. :)

6. I am learning so much right now...I can't even begin to express it all. The teaching at church is rich, God is speaking to me every day as I read the Bible, and the books I'm reading are so full of truth. I love it!

Alright. I better lots to do today!

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