Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Do you ever have so much to say that you don't know where to start?

I shall list...
  • I'm trying not to carry the load of the many, many people I know whose marriages are struggling. Guys, we HAVE to be connected in deep relationships with people who can help us through the tough times. In the words of Toy Story, if you don't have one, GET one!
  • We got Hannah a swing set off Craig's List for her birthday. Now to find a time (around the giant snow storm headed this way) to get it set up.
  • I'm tired. I knew I would crash at some point, with everything going on. This is that point. I don't wanna do anything.
  • I got to play for worship with other people for the first time in...3 years?...yesterday. It was so fun. And because it was a prayer meeting, we played for an hour and a half. Nice. I could get back in shape really fast playing that much! Two of my favorite things - time with God AND music together makes for a nearly perfect afternoon.
  • My temporary crown hurts. I was supposed to get the real one put on last week and because of everything my appointment is now next Wednesday. Hope I last that long.
  • My sister and I were supposed to go fabric shopping in Denver today and I flaked out on her. You'd think they'd have good fabric stores here. I hate feeling flaky. Sometimes I set very high expectations and then have to back out. I should quit doing that and say no instead. I would feel much better about it.
  • Today is the first day all week the girls did not fight nap time. They refused to nap at all on Monday. That was not a good day. I'm very thankful for the current quiet. And Dave Matthews playing on Pandora. :)
  • If you are not female, you don't want to click here, trust me. I want one of these.
  • Off to watch American Idol on DVR. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.


  1. Okay. Really fast, since I'm at work....check out I would recommend that if you aren't female, you don't need to go to that site. Same idea as the one you are looking at. I've tried it. If you want opinions/reviews, let me know.

    I have more comments, especially on your first comment, but.....gotta go.

    Miss you tons!! Be watching for my new blog. :)

  2. Okay...ever since you posted this I can't stop thinking about the "Diva Cup". I would never even consider buying something like that. I don't know...just a little to hippy for me.

    Also...about you not playing on a worship team or whatever for 3yrs is totally shocking to me. I find that my perception of you is that you are a worship leader, period. So for you to set that aside for so long--it is just shocking to me.

  3. LOL. What's hippy about that? It's all about convenience in my mind. :)

    Hmm...not sure what to say about the worship team thing. I'm at a large church where there aren't tons of opportunities for people not on staff. We are at the church because we feel that's where God has us. I haven't made the choice to seek out somewhere to play, because I've been taking care of my kids and waiting on God's timing for things. I hadn't set it aside in my heart at all, and I continued to teach it. I have missed it very much. But for me to go force something to happen that's not God's timing wouldn't be right, you know? I also think the calling on your life remains whether you're doing it in front of people or not. For example, Hannah jumps right in to worship when her Sunday School class worships together. The other kids are just standing and looking around and she is singing and dancing. My calling as a worship leader starts at home with my own family, and I'm living that out daily.