Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God is cool

My friend Thea has such a cool story to tell that I asked her if I could share it. For the past several months, she's been dealing with a posterior placenta previa in her second pregnancy. If you don't understand previa, here's a place to read about it. She was scheduled for her second c-section next week. (And if you know anything about c-sections, each one you have makes it less and less likely that you will ever safely have a regular birth. The scar tissue can also cause miscarriages and all kind of stuff. There are people who have regular births after two, but it's not common and considered rather dangerous.) But, God worked a miracle here. This is her story:

"They agreed to do the final ultrasound today to see where things were in relation to the previa since I had been so adamant about checking at the last minute. Everyone was pretty certain nothing would have changed because it is nearly impossible for the posterior part of a uterus to grow enough in 2 weeks to give us the clearance we needed. Still, the doctor was kind and allowed the final ultrasound for my peace of mind.

The sonographer said the baby's head was too low for her to see the placenta and she kept saying "where is it?" "I don't see anything" so she finally got measurements and had to manually push the baby's head up and the placenta hadn't moved the 2.1 centimeters I had been praying for but the measurements show closer to 2.5-3 centimeters of movement which is beyond possible considering the max growth generally allows for a movement of .3cm per week. She kept measuring and measuring and brought the dr in and he didn't believe her, saying "What? That's impossible for it to move that much in 2 weeks..." and lo and behold...he saw the measurements for himself and cancelled the surgery. I told them it must be prayer since there's no other explanation - they went back and checked the older ultrasounds and sure enough it had moved - every medical study I can find and that I am aware of shows that at this point and later in pregnancy a posterior previa (what I have had) does not move...I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I was to leave scheduling an appointment for next week but cancelling a surgery. :) We have gone from a life-threatening situation worrying about hemmorhage every day and the concerns of a baby that may need time in the NICU to a healthy pregnancy with everything looking perfect...what an awesome God we serve :)

I am elated and now...praying for a safe and timely delivery of our little girl :)"


  1. That is so cool. I love hearing things like that and I love the fact that the God of the Universe uses the prayers of His people to change circumstances. So cool, and I think if I really got that through my head, I would be praying all day long.

  2. God is good and that just prooves that all things are possible through Christ!