Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Highlights

1. Listening to David Crowder Band today, as loudly as I can get away with without upsetting the girls. It reminds me of old times, not to mention being soul-soothing. I need some soul-soothing today.

2. Christina and Cole are coming to visit on Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing them. :) I think it's been 6 or 7 years since I've seen Christina!?!

3. Nick is going to our local caucus to vote on Tuesday night. He's very interested in the whole political process. We're leaning toward Romney around here.

4. Nick's giving me a night out this week, if not tonight. We're due for 4-6 inches of snow up here tonight, so we'll see. But, I get to go out and do whatever I want, whenever it does happen. I need this!

5. My house is a disaster. Does anyone else end up with a disaster after the weekend? Why does this happen? I teach piano on Mondays, so it gives me so much pressure to get it all cleaned up...

6. The girls slept pretty well last night, and so did I. We went to bed very late because we were over at my parents' watching the game, but we all slept late. It was nice.

7. I've been a little discouraged about our food situation the past few days. Anybody want to tell me what to make for dinner? We can't have gluten, soy, egg, corn, dairy, sugar/honey/maple syrup or yeast, between the 4 of us. In theory this will get better as we quit eating the things that bother us for a while, but it sure is overwhelming at the moment. The rash Audrey has had on her arms and legs for pretty much her whole life is finally gone...this is making a difference, it just comes at a price!

8. Does anybody know how to keep cats out of potted plant dirt? Arg!

9. Hannah has been pulling off her diaper any time she's wet this morning. She can put a pull-up on by herself, and she's changing herself regularly. Potty training? Maybe she's finally ready!

Alrighty. Better go work on the mess...


  1. I found this on a website once. This worked for our cat when we had him still...


    Step One Gather shells or sharp rocks. If shells are not broken... Break them by placing in heavy plastic bag and have a swing at them or drop on ground forcefully.

    (buy the shells at Micheals or Hobby Lobby)

    Step Two Scatter shells around base of plant. Do not leave any area for a small paw to balance on. Smaller rocks and shells will blend into the soil after time so leave shells larger and mix from time to time.

    Step Three Water plant - Watching the flow of water off the shells or rocks, making sure there will not be any standing water that may promote gnats.

    An alternative was to fill the base with lots of thoose little green army men. :) I didn't try this one but aparently they don't like the sharp pokey texture. Good luck!

  2. Out of curiosity, what did the rash on Audrey's arms and legs look like? Juliana has little bumps on her upper arms that have always been there. They don't itch, and they don't get better or worse.

  3. I used to get a rash like that. Audrey's is just dry and scaly and red. Dr P told me it was an amino acid deficiency and had me taking fish oil supplements. They did help, but what really helped was getting off of foods I was allergic to. My arms are all healed up now. Weirdly enough, they also healed up during pregnancy. Not sure why that was...