Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Highlights

1. Worship recording Friday night at church. We're planning to be in the choir. These are so much fun, and such an incredible thing to be a part of. The songs we will record have been written out of the events of the past year and a half, and are a commentary on God's faithfulness. For some incredible reason, God uses the music from our church in churches all over the the world. I am so excited and humbled to be able to be a part of the process. I REALLY want to give you the password to go listen to the songs streaming on the website, but shall restrain myself.

2. On the health front, we start a yeast cleanse with the girls this week. These are not very much fun, because you usually feel terrible while you do it. Afterward though, they shouldn't get sick nearly as much, and Audrey will hopefully start gaining weight again. I'm so glad to have a Dr. to oversee this process. Read more about candida here. (Except that you have to understand that no one has ever paid for scientific studies about this stuff, because there is no money in using herbs for health, as opposed to the millions that drugs make for drug companies. Since there are no studies, conventional medicine doesn't believe this stuff. Let me tell ya, it's real.)

3. Maeve Bridal site is up and running. I know the site is not that attractive right now. We're starting this business with no debt. That means godaddy's $5/month website with $10 domain registration deal is a good one. We will have more gowns up soon. Someday we'll have a beautiful, professional website. :)

4. We waaaay over committed ourselves the last couple of weeks. By Saturday, I was fried. No more, I tell you! If you ask me about getting together and I tell you my next available date is 3 weeks from yesterday, please understand that I am not putting you off, I am simply keeping my sanity. Ha!

5. I am currently eating Terra Spiced Sweet Potato Chips. Oh, my goodness. I could eat the whole bag. Have you tried these things?

6. I got my hair cut on Saturday. I'll have to try to get a picture of it later. It's blonde, and kind of an inverted bob - a little longer in front. Pretty fun...

7. Our heater quit working Saturday night. It also snowed Saturday night. I am thankful for space heaters. I am also thankful for a concientous landlord who paid to fix it on a Sunday. It was 8 degrees overnight last night. We were warm.

I better quit giving you highlights and go put my kids down for naps. What were your highlights?


  1. Wowzer, wowzer. You are a busy woman. I can't wait to see pics of the hair. Sounds like a cut I would have. Of course, great minds think alike! ;)

    I'm super excited to see more of Maeve Bridal. Not that I need your services. Just fun to watch new businesses flourish. I've actually always thought it would be fun to be a bridal consultant/wedding coordinator. Not at all the same thing.

    By the way, how do you pronounce Maeve?

    I miss you. Much.

    Had bloodwork done on Friday and am anxiously awaiting results. Jarid is banking on anemia as a result of my problems. I tend to agree, but of course, want to rule out anything more serious. I'm actually probably shouldn't even be driving until we get that fixed!

    Um...what else. Not much. Just miss you!

  2. I loved your hair on Sunday. You looked very chic and glamorous (especially in that super cute shirt.) It made me want to cut mine actually but I decided to color it instead... I feel so blah with mine all long I'm usually just putting it up to get it out of the way but I think I'm going to throw some bangs and layers in there.

    I'm excited to go the the worship service on friday! Those nights are always amazing.

    I've started exploring alternitive medicine a little bit. Just research really. Before honestly I thought people who went through all of that "trouble" of using alterntive methods were just making life more difficult for themselves. BUT I realized that was ignorant and I've been looking into it and maybe will start applying some of it in our home.

  3. 5. Yes, and I could also eat a whole bag. Yikes.

  4. Hi,

    I have been keeping up with you but not commenting. I decided today that your Monday highlights are my faves. I actually am starting a yeast cleanse tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it but it should help to jump start my at a stand still weight losss. I have lost 20lbs but have 40 more that I have to lose.
    I still want to have that business chat one day.

  5. I think it's so funny how these are everyone's favorite posts. Maybe I'll start doing one of those linky things where you can post your own highlights and put the link on my site. Of course, that would require that all of you blog...

    Staci-Maeve is just pronounced mayv. Maeve was some sort of goddess that intoxicated men with her beauty. :) Wow. Hope you get that health stuff figured out. Be safe! Miss you too!

    Irene-alternative medicine is a fascinating subject. I really believe that many of the "unsolvable" health problems that we medicate with drugs regularly could be completely solved through nutrition, natural supplements, and learning to trust God. :)

    Flo-really, it's bad...

    CJ-hope the cleanse helps. Yuck. I need to do another one too and I'm dreading it. I agree-we need to have that chat. :)

  6. So. We are doing a yeast cleanse. Have been at it for a week. We've only cheated a few times with things like blueberries, pineapple, peanut butter, and honey, all in small amounts. I'm making my children take garlic. Whole. Well, chopped up whole garlic. Die off symptoms? How long? Aggghhhh. I do not like not being able to eat fruit. Or have honey or maple syrup.

    I think it's working, though. Or something is happening because we are all in the bathroom quite a bit, ahem...cleansing. ;)

    Any additional thoughts?

  7. Those are the most miserable thing I can possibly think of. My sympathies are with you.

    Die-off - um...two weeks? And it can get worse before it gets better. If it's too bad to handle, ease up on whatever you're using to kill it and then slowly reintroduce it again. Doing it with garlic...that's hardcore. :) You're a brave woman.