Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michael Jackson

When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, we went to Disneyland a lot. One year we actually had annual passes and usually went once a week. One of my favorite memories is of the Michael Jackson 3D movie they played for like 7 years. I think it was called Captain EO? Did anybody else see this? I remember watching that thing and getting chills. It was the first time I realized how powerful music was in affecting your emotions. I couldn't have explained it to you at the time, but that's the truth.

Today I opened up our Napster account. By the way, if you like music (and if you don't happen to own an ipod, which might make it rather pointless since they don't work together) you should have a Napster account. $15 a month gives you access to pretty much anything that comes out, as long as you keep paying $15 a month. You can fill an MP3 player and still only pay $15 a month. This comes in very handy when piano students come asking me to teach them some random song I've never heard before. Napster also lists the new releases. Today they had Michael Jackson's new greatest hits-type release there, so I listened to it.

I know the guy is a weirdo. I know he's probably a pedophile. I know these things. However, when I listen to the man's music, I am instantly transported back to Disneyland, watching Captain EO, or to my childhood living room, watching my mom dance to the record player. I predict the guy will be successful for the rest of his life, simply because of the way his music makes people feel.


  1. oh my gosh...Captain Eo yes I totally remember that. Aaahhhh memories.