Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soul Food

I realized a while back that I had a strange habit:

I would seek God for a little while, and after a while get to a "saturation point." He would start to fill my heart and mind with so many good things that I would get just a little overwhelmed. I wouldn't want to miss anything He had for me, so I would make a strange choice: to stop seeking Him. It was only temporary, and no one but me and God would even notice the difference. I had good intentions with this - I was doing it so that everything could soak in. The problem was, that as soon as I stopped seeking, the "food" stopped. Within a few days I would be so burnt out it was ridiculous. Then I would begin the cycle again, seeking God for refreshment. Sounds fulfilled, go a few days, and then CRASH...big time. I have done this much of my adult life.

The past few days have been rich with food for my soul. I feel satisfied to the point of being a little overwhelmed. I want more! My thirst for God is not quenched! By the grace of God, I will remember the things I need to remember, and have more to give.

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  1. Honestly just reading your blog and thinking about it for a day I think I do the same thing. It makes life really hard to constantly be falling so hard after taking "breaks" from God. I just never realized this is what I was doing. Over the last few weeks God has really ignited this fire in me and I feel like he is doing something really important and I don't want this habit to interfere with what that. So thanks for this post it was perfect timing.