Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Headlines

1. Yay for Audrey's birthday! Still can't believe she's 2...

2. We had a good visit with Nick's parents this weekend. Friday night for dinner I made homemade fish sticks and steamed zucchini because they are Audrey's favorite. Nick's dad said, "I can tell why they are her favorite - they're really good!" That is a HUGE compliment coming from him. It was really nice. :)

3. Tried this recipe and made cupcakes for Audrey. They were really good and didn't even make me sick - my tolerance for eggs seems to be improving, thankfully. Hannah, on the other hand, was very sick. Wish I knew what bothered her so much all the time...

4. Went to the dentist on Wednesday, and I need a root canal now. Lovely. Here's a link to the information I have about root canals. This guy isn't the only one saying this, and my dentist (who is one of the best in the state) even told me that he's read studies confirming this. Therefore, I will eventually have the tooth pulled and once of two things will happen - I will get a bridge, or an implant. If I decide to go the implant direction, I will actually be without a tooth for several months while the implant heals. You will be able to see it. I'm 28 years old. Can you guess how I feel about this? Dr P says that now that I'm off gluten my teeth should stop decaying like that. They were doing it because I wasn't absorbing enough nutrients because of the gluten issue. Super weird. Super frustrating. I cried about it all Wednesday afternoon. By now I'm accepting the whole thing. It'll be okay, though not fun.

5. No students this week! Nice to have a break. Sure hope I get some school of worship student calls this is always good. :)

6. Joanna is starting her mom's group this week! Yay!

7. I actually finished a row of my crocheting yesterday - Bek, you'll be proud of me. Maybe I'll be a crocheter yet!

I can't think of anything else. Quiet week this week. I'm glad life runs in cycles - we've had two insane weeks.


  1. Sara I am a friend of Joanna's and just happened onto your blog. I couldn't help but comment on your implant issue. I had to have one (I was born without a tooth...long story) but there is a way that you can have a tooth while the implant heals. The dentist/oral surgeon can make what is called a "flipper." It is a tooth attached to a retainer. There is no metal wire across your teeth and the temporary tooth works really well. I have had two implants now and have a great reference if you need an oral surgeon. I hope all goes well and I am sorry about the root canal. Let me know if you have questions.

  2. Wow...nice to know. I'll have to get in touch when I'm ready to do something with it. Right now my insurance is maxed for the year so I'm going to attempt to wait. Thanks!