Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Update

Last night: Hannah didn't want to go to bed, and continued to get up and ask for various things for about two hours. Each time, we calmly picked her up, laid her back in bed, and told her to go to sleep. She would cry, and then be back in 15 minutes. Where does this child get her persistence? Then, in the course of all of that, the cat got in their room. At 2am, Hannah started screaming her head off. It looked like Moses had attempted to jump into the stuffed animal net that hangs over Hannah's bed, and had dumped half of its contents on her head while she was sleeping. I'd be screaming too. Then Audrey cried for at least 20 minutes because she was mad to be awake. I just don't find those nights very restful. At least Hannah agreed to lay in bed with me and watch Dora until I was ready to get up this morning. Regardless, I'm a little out of it so far. And, I'm very aware this doesn't even compare to those of you who have just had babies... :)

With that, here we go:
1. One new school of worship student starts this week. That's pretty neat.

2. I get to play again for worship for the women's prayer group I played for last year. Pretty excited about that.

3. Maeve got two deposits last week - dresses for April and June. Yay!

4. What a great sermon yesterday - if you go to New Life and missed it, definitely check it out online. :)

5. Been a while since I mentioned

Basically, click on the icon, list (I think) 10 books you wouldn't mind getting rid of, and you're ready to go. You immediately get 3 credits to order books from other people. You pay the postage to send your books when someone requests them, and you get a credit for each book, for only the cost of postage. It comes out to getting a book for about $2, total. And if you say I referred you, I get a credit! (my email is sara kay [at] - remove the spaces, etc.) This has saved me literally hundreds over the past couple of years. I have a couple of books to mail now, that's what made me think of it. :)

6. Took the girls to the library on Friday. For myself, I picked up a book called, "Before Green Gables." Brand new book - had to finish it within a week. How about 2 days? :) It is the prequel to the Anne books. A sad story in many ways, but made me thankful for what I have. Even though it's just a novel (although for those of us who grew up with Anne, she almost seems like a person!), it's about the hope you can have regardless of circumstances. And about what makes people do the things they do. I really enjoyed it. And I rarely read fiction these days.

7. I was NOT ready for fall yet. Today it is gloomy, cloudy, and cold. My heater has been running all morning. Trying really hard to not be mad about this.

8. We went to another bridal fair yesterday. It was in Denver, run by the same people who are doing ours next month. We left much encouraged about our ability to pull it off well. This is not over our heads at all. Come see us October 5th!

9. Took a look around my house this past week, and realized STUFF is taking over once again. Being only 800 square feet, our house is less forgiving of clutter. There is no room for more than the essentials. Time to de-clutter and fix some things.

OK, am I boring you yet? I'm boring myself. Guess I'll end here. Have a great week!


  1. You know the "boring" (not that they are boring at all) posts are my favorite. The everyday stuff is just nice to know. Poor Hannah and the whole cat incident. I'd be terrified!

  2. Oh goodness. I know it's your painful night, but I couldn't help but laugh at the picture in my mind of Moses trying to get into the animal net above the bed. Oh geesh. Not funny at the time, I'm sure... but oh I love that cat. :)

  3. Irene, it's true the boring posts are probably the ones that give us the most insight into each others' lives, aren't they? :)

    Megan, I was totally laughing too, even AT 2am. That cat is a nut. :)