Wednesday, September 10, 2008

5-6 Meals Per Day

By request, here's a typical day eating for me. (Check out the great discussion going on down on yesterday's post!):

8am - wake up, start breakfast
9am - sit down with the girls to eat (you actually digest when you're sitting!)
2 Turkey sausages and cooked rice cereal with rice milk and pure maple syrup
12pm - lunch, open faced sandwich with turkey deli meat (no preservatives, free range) with 1/4 avocado on 1 slice rice bread. Sometimes I have a handful of carrot sticks.
3pm - All natural beef hot dog in a paper towel, maybe a handful of raw macadamia nuts and/or a date or two for the sugar craving (eat on the go! :)
6pm - dinner, stir fried chicken and veggies in olive oil, brown rice
10pm - a piece of toast with raw almond butter

It's small amounts at a time. And I go for half carbs and half protein. Organic and raw is important, but if you can't start with that, don't worry about it. Start somewhere and move forward. Hope this helps!


  1. Wow. Thanks for posting that! I was going to tell you, since Rich and I began our new 'diet' a few months ago; cutting out the junk along with unhealthy carbs and focusing on fresh foods and meats, Rich (who was very skeptical) has lost 20lbs and is still losing! It has been so great for his self-esteem and he says he has more energy, etc. I am so proud of him, I just had to share the news!

  2. Wow! That's great progress. And a good boost for you as well, I'm sure.

  3. I just have a question about the hot dog. Does the paper towel add any nutritional value? Is that considered carbs or protein? I'm just not sure on that one.

    Please advise.

    (any advice on how NOT to be a smart alec would be great, too!)


  4. OK, that really make me laugh out loud. Thanks, Stace, I needed that! :)

  5. Hey Sara... I'm one of your lurkers who comments from time to time. This topic has been very thought provoking with me. I know I need to take action (without busting our budget!).

    I'm trying to make a list small snacks and meals with good carbs and proteins from which I can pull each week. The challenge for me will be my husband. He has a desk job and has put on a good 20 lbs. in the past year since he left his job as a health food store manager (yep... he went from fairly healthy to... not!). I'm trying to figure out what types of small meals and snacks to pack in his lunch (which is usually lunch and dinner as he's at work for nearly 12 hours a day). Any suggestions? Or any book/website suggestions? He doesn't have any food restrictions, so unlike my kids and myself, he doesn't have to worry about eating GF.

  6. Healthy snacks...let's see... I have done little reading on this subject, so I don't have websites or books to suggest really. Other people may? Off the top of my head:

    hummus and veggies/rice crackers (our health food store has YUMMY hummus)
    sunflower seeds (probably shelled ones would be easier - eat by the handful!)
    fruit (apples, pears, peaches, grapes)
    nut butter (almond, cashew, macadamia) and crackers
    guacamole and organic tortilla chips (none of that GMO corn...)
    Applegate Farms all natural beef hot dogs with ketchup (these are staples in our house!)
    hard-boiled eggs with salt (put tape over the top of a salt shaker, or get one of those nifty s&p to go containers from tupperware, etc.)

    And, there's always leftovers! Lately whenever I cook dinner, I make 2 pounds of meat. That way, Nick has lunches for at least 2-3 days. He also eats healthier (and cheaper!) that way, rather than being tempted to run to Subway 3x's a week. :)