Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Update

I contemplated writing a really witty post about why I didn't get this done this morning, using the Emergency Broadcast System Test recitation that I'm rather proud of. (Yes, I am a geek, I can recite the entire EBS Test thingy, along with the beeps. I watched too much tv as a child.) But, I was too lazy. It WOULD have been funny. Except I didn't do it.

NUMBER one: 10 year high school reunion this weekend was a huge hit, I have to say. There were several little kinks, but everyone seemed to enjoy each other, and I even have to hand it to my classmates - they let go of the cliques for the most part. Overall I found my old classmates to be beautiful, successful, down to earth, and loving God. Kinda makes me smile. You hope for that, for people... Now, I'm so glad it's over.

2. Oh, my goodness. I had so much to do this morning. Everything from Maeve stuff that literally could not wait another day, to cleaning the house for students, to fighting with my very old computer. Now I've thrown most of it into someone else's court - not that it's done, just that I can't do any more until someone else does. Waiting on other people to do stuff...this is what my job at Maeve consists of...

3. Friends. If you ever have marriage issues, please, PLEASE don't be afraid to seek out help. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Yes, this is cryptic, and no, I won't be able to explain myself. Our hearts are with not just one couple, but multiple friends of ours. -End of public service announcement-

4. Did you know that today is the Autumnal Equinox? Neato. Bit of trivia for you. Not that you really care that much.

5. Just finished reading Lost Women of the Bible. I was a little wary - sounds like Christian feminist lit. But it isn't. It is a solid Biblical survey of the way God relates to women throughout the Bible. I loved it. And I'll tell you a little secret, in case you didn't know: we're not second-class citizens. He likes us a lot. :) Definitely going to look up this author again.

That's about all I got today. This week=The Reunion, so pretty much everything else has been on the back-burner. Hope you have a great week!


  1. Sara, I had a great time at the reunion!! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was so neat to see everyone and I agree that the cliques seemed to be gone.

  2. Sara, just wanted to drop you a quick note telling you how much I like your blog. Its always interesting, full of wisdom and overall a pleasant read.

  3. I truly understand number 3. For a while I thought we were immune to that, but it seems everyday I'm reminded how imperfect we really are.

    It's really been hitting our young adults group at church hard, especially this past year.

  4. Janet - so glad you enjoyed it! It was such a relief to see everyone enjoying themselves. :)

    Marelize - Thank you so much!

    Brian - Isn't that the truth? None of us is immune to that. It's only through the grace of God, seeking to be more like Him every day, and through wise counsel and examples that we can make our marriages work. We have to keep our hearts soft toward each other. Sometimes just LIFE makes that SO hard... God has been reminding me lately that my husband is another person who needs my ministry. Seeing couples on the verge of divorce reminds me what we really have, and what it takes to keep it.

  5. You know I'm going to make you recite the emergency broadcast thing tonight...