Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Update

Whew. What a week that was...

1. I gotta say..I'm tired. Lately I've been functioning on somewhat of a cycle - work and play really hard, crash, defend rest time with a vengeance for the next week or two, repeat. I'm not sure I actually have time for the crash this week, but maybe a mini-crash. Next week can be the real crash...maybe.

2. Saturday my parents invited us and all of my siblings to go to the Denver Aquarium. It is so neat! I gotta say, Denver isn't really a place I think of when I think of water. However, they did a pretty good job. Huge indoor waterfalls, a surprising amount of variety, and a real live tiger thrown in for good measure. Afterward we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe (yelling over the music - don't think my parents really thought through that restaurant choice), and walked around 16th Street some. Fun stuff!

3. Sunday consisted of church and more church, when we went back Sunday night for a "family meeting." Pastor Brady discussed a very interesting project - mobilizing the churches of Colorado to adopt all of the children available for adoption in Colorado (there are only 800 in the foster care system in all of Colorado). They're hosting a huge adoption fair on November 22nd. Foster Care adoptions cost $300-400 if you go through an agency, and it's free through the state. Most of the children seem to be 3-17. Children younger than that are quickly adopted. They plan to provide a huge amount of support for families willing to take children into their homes. Very interesting... Not sure the timing is right for us yet, but we are definitely open to adoption in the future. What a cool thing!

4. Sunday is the bridal fair for Maeve. Our sign should arrive Tuesday, I have a few little paperwork things to throw together, have to get prints of pictures to show, we need to figure out follow-up stuff for afterward. Pretty simple stuff, really. Why does thinking about it make me freak out? It's not that big a deal...except it cost a lot to do, and I really really really hope we get clients out of it.

5. Nick and I are doing an instrumental audition at New Life on Wednesday night. I have no idea what will come of it, but they're having it, so we're going, trusting that God will lead us where we're supposed to be serving. We would love to re-enter the worship ministry world, if it's God's timing. Trying to keep it in perspective and not get nervous. Anyone want to sing My Savior Lives and Here In Your Presence with me? Because I could play and sing them in my sleep.

6. Um, it's October on Wednesday. Why?

7. Our small group is doing girls and guys' night out on Tuesday - the girls are getting pedicures. Oh, am I looking forward to this.

8. God is so faithful. There is so much behind that statement, but I will leave it at that for now. It amazes me how He reaches each one of us in a totally different way, but still manages to blow us all away if we will seek Him. He has been faithful to me, faithful in my marriage, faithful in my church, faithful in the lives of people I any situation we face, we as Christians can fully rely on Him to work it out for our good. Sometimes that doesn't mean our comfort, but His love never fails through any circumstance. Just a reminder, in case you needed it today, and because I'm excited about what He's doing in my heart. :)

Have a great Monday today - do more than survive!!


  1. I'm strangely uplifted by your "weekly update" this time! Especially your statements, "God is faithful" and "do more than survive"!

    Hope your bridal fair goes well, I once modeled in one of them and it was so fun! I"ve also been thinking about trying to sell my baby carriers at one of those traveling kids consignment sales. There's one this weekend I'd like to go to but I need tags and packaging first...

    What a cool idea for your church to do that adoption thing. I"ve always had a heart for adoption, but my husband and I are so not on the same page with that one!

  2. I'm glad, Shelly!

    Yeah, that kind of thing is what feels overwhelming about starting a business, I think. Go for it!

    Amazingly, my husband and I both have changed our hearts about adoption, just in the past couple years. Start praying - you never know if God will change your husband's heart too!

  3. Sara, where is that adoption thing going to be and what times? It is something my husband and I have been praying about... don't know for sure yet where the Lord is leading us, but would love to learn more about it. Thanks.

  4. Janet - not sure exactly when it is yet, but I would think they'll make a pretty big deal of it on the church website in the next month or so. I'm sure you could find it there! Pretty exciting...